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You know for Sunday night football in November because we just don't know. Chris is always great stuff really appreciate it we're sorry that we we we thought we would get someone with more pain than ourselves to to commiserate. it's all about knowing your role. if I can help ease any eighties bands pain I'm I'm here to help I don't I don't point fingers a laugh and say ha ha you're suffering just like me I'm more of the how do we how do we advance thing so whenever you need to know a little eight Europe buckaroo you call me the vast math intentional talk you're Millar do a great job and always watch on Sundays as well thanks so much Chris always fun. thank you guys appreciate it see Matthew man there you go make sure you're following at Chris rose doesn't raising jobs on both both the major baseball football networks that's very cool very cool the key is the only one yeah I think so too by the way not that this should come as any surprise I certainly don't like talking about this guy but levar about ball looks like he'd vessel millions from big baller brand to laugh on his life. thank god willing so well there so what is their name. he's being counters. he's being K. he's suing that guy that he helped that help them found the company and these town suing back in guys claiming that llevar embezzled over two million dollars to fund his life's title. all this is wonderful this.

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