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To make this phone call ryan's roses impact moment for roses now sabrina said mary two years canoga park she got an amazon alert that her large array have been delivered she gets home no package she checked the count it was actually sent to another woman at another address that's all we know through all we need to know i don't i cannot put together what a an alibi would be on this one trump sabrina we're going to call your husband we are going to offer him some roses we want to find out who sent them to what he puts on the card okay yeah i wanna know yet no doubt so just say this rate grind you my permission to call and then whatever his name is on kiss fm brian you're my permission to call on fm lockyer load holsters four let's go we are going to do this right now i am i'm crossing my fingers there is a some justifiable excuse an alibi i cannot figure it out myself but good luck okay they offer and while that i i'm i'm i'm all quiet out okay here we go be very quiet very quiet until we tell you when you come in tokyo all right hello highs as well uh yeah this with him i will my name is haley i'm actually the owner of the secret garden where brand new flowershop here in canoga park how are you doing this morning a a looker hi i'm calling because where we have a promotion where we're giving away a free dozen red roses and you can send them to anybody that you'd like the absolutely free no billing info credit card infos needed from you just the name of amherst early need any are you sure they're absolutely free you can put a smile on someone's face today with the free dozen red roses uh yeah i mean i don't have any credit cards area so i can i don't even know i don't need your credit card info there i don't need any billing in for any info from you at all i just need the name of the person.

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