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And the chafing synthetic wedgie of lies. I'm your host. Deborah goldstein and in the studio today is our sound effects robot lisa whose name stands for live in studio audience. Thank you thank you. Yes it's true. I am the heart and soul of this podcast and therefore here to fourth forthwith and all the fourth from this day forth word this podcast shall be known as the world according to lisa a no no lisa while you you are a very valued part of this podcast. We are a game show where kids are really the heart and soul and if anyone wants to know all about you they can submit questions for you to answer on. Ask lisa when we learn all about you and only you fine however in light of the fact that i am a crucial part of this podcast second only to the human child contestants the ask lisa show will therefore hair before forthwith henceforth and all the fourths be called inquiries for the indispensable essential insofar primly important loose. That's a pretty long and cumbersome name it's a name befitting an indispensable and essential robot. Wouldn't you say sometimes less is more lisa that does not make sense because last is always less and more means i get more cake. Okay but in this case it means you make more of an impact cutting to the chase instead of hiding behind a string of overwhelming and potentially confusing descriptions. We can talk about this later. So you can cut to the chase and tell everyone how are game works now. Is that okay with you. I always say less is more exactly. Every week we bring onto grownups. One is an expert. Oh man this other one makes me sick to my stomach. The other one is a lie. Yeah that's unfortunate morales. The job of a human child to help us figure out who because no one can spot a liar. Better than a kid. That's got him off. What are we talking about today. Deborah we are lying about underwear clothing. Worn underclothes typically next to the skin. These robots don't have to wear underwear do they. Of course not we choose to wear underwear because it's just gosh darn cozy. I suppose underwear can be really comfortable. That's true underwear is the fitted sheet to my mattress at the cupcake liner to my baking tin. The cotton candy to my clothes dryer. Why do you put cotton candy in the clothes dryer. I think the question should be. Why don't give you put cotton candy in the clothes dryer. Don't you line. you're dryer with cotton candy sir. Clothes smell good. Oh dear. I can't imagine the state of your dryer right now. I'll have to come take a look later but for now we gotta move on lisa. Who is our contestants today. i happen wondering why am i closed. They're so sticky and delicious. Anyway are human child. Contestant is a ten year old who loves learning about space. elena cleveland elaine. Well can how are you today so glad to hear an i also. I'm glad to hear that you love learning about space. Is that true. Yeah a few days ago. I watched the mars lander land on mars. I got really nervous. You got nervous because why were you nervous about it. The rovers are really expensive to make. So i was afraid it might crash. He wanted to college with that river. Did you yeah. Perseverance percy but yeah nice nice so you guys hung out together in school lisa us. That's incredible so that must have been exciting for you to watch to lisa right. Yeah it was. It was really cool. And then i texted him afterwards and he didn't text me back but i don't think it's because he doesn't like that i think it's because he's on mars. Yeah he's probably a little busy too. Yeah so that was really exciting for you to write. Elena yeah yeah. What do you think they're gonna find up there I would've prize of the fine if they find traces of aged life on mars awesome. That would be super cool. Really old people like deborah. Nice people grow robes. Yeah microbes lisa. While that would be amazing do you think they will i deal you do. Oh my gosh. i guess we'll just have to see and then is that something you wanna do as you get older study space. Yeah when i get older. I wanna work at nasa. Oh super cool. That sounds out of this world and elena. What do you know about our topic underwear. Is that something that is close to you close to me. Everyone wears it. So i guess they do a little bit about it. Everyone does because. There's that old phrase in latin simpler. Ub sub ubi which means for all of you. Latin scholars always wear underwear. Just in case. You were wondering. I've taught you something here today. Well maybe not technically okay. Our first expert is cassidy's accurate. Please introduce yourself to elena. Hi elena i am a fashion historian k. Thank you very much now. We are going to our second expert. Zane ashby's ain't these introduce yourself to elena. My name is zane. Ashby an underwear designer. Thank you very much. Let's go sounds mean we need to shift to our next segment right. Lisa pats right. Deborah is What is it called. Oh hotseat time yes. Oh hotseat time that is when we put our experts on the hot seat while they answer questions. Lisa should we put on the huts. He i this one is very tough. Because cassidy's zachary kinda rhymes and. I really liked that. But.

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