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A Million Kentucky voters requested absentee ballots exponentially more than the usual fifty thousand requests. The votes from that primary are still being counted. The Postal Service was able to handle the volume of mail. But County election officials were not prepared for the avalanche. In states coast to coast, they are still unprepared. The TV networks and the American public are also likely unprepared. To wait patiently for the final results. At what point does too early to call become too late. As always in person votes will be counted immediately and those numbers will be available on election night. But some states laws prohibit officials from counting the absentee ballots until election day the key state of Michigan's one of them. Mailed ballots take longer to count than in person votes a few states Florida surprisingly one of them allowing mailed ballots to be counted up to a month before election day so they'll be ready. With so many Democrats voting by mail Biden votes will be counted more slowly allowing trump to claim victory before the counting is over. And if the final vote that arrives later gives the win to Biden. Trump's already laid foundation to declare the election was rigged and its results illegitimate. Law Professor who specializes in election law Richard Hasten UC Irvine agrees with that scenario. And what will the networks report that night? What will the Fox News Channel report as we wait for the absentee and mail in votes to be counted Expect trump to claim a rigged election if the electoral college outcome is in any way close. Dozens of lawsuits from both parties would likely follow and that could actually tie up the results for months. Unless and until the Supreme Court, gets the case as it did in the Bush Gore election of two thousand. The Democrats have an army of lawyers to to match that of the Republicans. They will fight over mailed ballots. They will fight over ballot drop boxes and they will fight over the details of absentee voting rules. A long delay with no clear winner would further erode faith in our elections to ensure a government by the people. Hoping for a landslide is probably a good idea for more than just partisan reasons working to make it happen by voting is an even better idea. Trump has made it clear that like the world's dictators. Use. Every trick and every tool to hang onto power. To avoid his fury. That's the reason US intelligence had to soften its report on foreign interference. In this election the New York Times reports that US intelligence edited the truth edited the facts to avoid his fury. Trump doesn't wanNA hear about Russian interference on his behalf. Last year after finding with certainty that Russia was again clearly working to help trump intelligence officials changed the wording to read that quote Russian leaders probably assess the chances to improve relations with the US will diminish different president. Former acting CIA director Michael Morell tweeted this quote the first example, the public knows of the intelligence community tailoring written product. To avoid angering potus. To avoid his fury. US intelligence softened its language about Russia. Trump doesn't wanNA hear about Russia. He doesn't WANNA. Hear that now as in two thousand, sixteen, Russia is working for his campaign with false propaganda about Democrats especially, his opponent Joe Biden trump doesn't wanna hear that US intelligence finding that Russia is once again working to undermine our confidence in the democratic process. Trump does want to hear the US intelligence finding that China and Iran are also interfering pushing propaganda they hope will help trump blues the twenty twenty election he loves tying in China. So the new trump intelligence officials made sure to include that part. But as one senior American official told The Washington Post between China and Russia. Only one of those two is trying to actively influenced the outcome of this election. When Dan Coats. Was Director of National Intelligence under trump. He was fired for refusing to alter the facts just to avoid angering the boss. Coach Replacement Vice Admiral Joe. McGuire agreed to alter the facts but his deputy director told the House Intelligence Committee that yeah, Russia was helping trump again. Trump does want to hear that. So McGuire and his deputy were the next to be fired. Now. Trump has one of his own in the job the completely unqualified John Ratcliffe a former congressman from Texas who was a fierce trump defender during the house impeachment hearings. Radcliffe had no problem with softening the truth to avoid trump's wrath. He no problem replacing the truth on behalf of Donald Trump. But a new report from the head of the National Counter Intelligence and Security Centre warns the public that US intelligence has found rushes using a range of measures to interfere in the two thousand twenty election William Ebony. Anna also reports that the Kremlin has enlisted a pro Russian lawmaker from Ukraine who has been passing along. It's propaganda to both trump lawyer, Rudy Giuliani and Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. If the rest of the intelligence community was now bowing trump and softening its language, the national counterintelligence security. Center. Wanted to warn the public about what's really happening. The President who had solicited foreign intervention on his behalf both publicly and with extortion. was getting what he had requested. and. Once again, that help is coming from Vladimir Putin with whom trump has spoken eight times since the start of his election year. The State Department meanwhile has been texting cell phones in Russia and Iran offering rewards of up to ten million dollars for information about people trying to hack you as voting systems. The Russian government says the effort would not work, and that most Russians would just find the texts annoying. It's been forty eight days since we learned that trump had been informed that Russia was paying bounties for the deaths of Americans in Afghanistan forty eight days later, he has still said or done nothing about it. Will maybe he hasn't but Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has quietly and under the radar to avoid the wrath of the president. After trump had called the bounty story a hoax a New York Times reports pompeo warned Russia against the boundaries in a phone call on July thirteenth, delivering that warning the Kremlin officials Sergei Lavrov. Bomb. Pao's reportedly livid about the bounties. Times reports Palmdale made clear to Laverov these strong US opposition to the bounty program and about crossing red lines. Trump said last week he's never mentioned the bounties in his many phone calls with Putin since the body story broke. Repeating that quote from trump that was a phone call to discuss other things and frankly that's an issue. Many people said was fake news. Mike, Pompeo doesn't think so. Mike pompeo is one of trump's most loyal cabinet members and yet he like others has acted in ways contrary to the president's publicly stated policy. But unlike trump POMPEO has condemned some of Russia's mischief including its takeover of Crimea and the shadow war continues to conduct in Ukraine. Bomb peyot reportedly has his eyes on a presidential bid in twenty twenty four. Was it only four years ago. That the NRA could afford to pump thirty million dollars into the trump campaign. Yes that was two thousand sixteen when the National Rifle Association spent seventy million on political efforts including thirty one million for trump three times. What he did spent on Mitt Romney four years before that. Those were high times for the lobby..

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