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App. Well, the Hollywood reporter did a deep dive into Shelly devolved where she been and what a character. Talks about the scars that the Shining left to this day. She talked about crying in the corner for hours after shooting scenes for that movie, just she's hard to watch in that movie. She's always heard what I've always kind of hard time watch. But it's just blew up in my hand. What did the pen Oh wow. Are you OK? I feel OK. I feel OK, But someone gave me a trick. Pen Looks like we have said many times that there are some significant health issues that are being ignored. Or at least not given enough. Wait. Pardon the pun. Because of schools that have been closed since the beginning of this, remember, I'm going to remind you that the CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky has said and put in the CDC guidelines for schools last week. Schools should be the absolute last thing too close and the absolute first thing to open up in a pandemic. You know you go and I had lunch with a friend yesterday and kids air climate all over the place and they're out and about and there you know, it makes no sense. It makes no sense why they're not open. Pediatricians are now warning that the disruption of in person schooling sports and other activities is leading to weight gain that could have long lasting impacts on our health Pediatrician in Brooklyn, says We're seeing a lot of elementary school age kids who are gaining 20 to £30 in a year. That's a half a child. This is massive. It is a huge problem, And this is just wait that zit Just wait. You're talking about the mental issues, the increase in suicides or anything with a mental plaque. Brittany Wilson, a physician assistant with Island Kids, Pediatric Staten Island, New York, said that pandemic seems to have accelerated weight gain among patients, especially those who were already overweight and that Children aged 6 to 12 years old. Seemed to be gaining the most way. Depression is being introduced in these kid's lives way too soon because all of this kid's in grammar school miss their friends. It's showing in the grades and with depression. As you know, it comes weight gain. You know, when you get bored, you are seeking some sort of comfort. There's an interesting Study that was done, it says. Before the pandemic, researchers found Children gained weight faster during summer break than during the school year. And while the rate of weight gain slowed when they're back in school Children didn't lose the pounds that they gained during the summer. This means a prolonged hiatus from in person learning could lead to a substantial cumulative weight gain. Children are more active during the school year. Obviously, they're walking to and from school. They're moving between classrooms. They're doing activities they've got Jim. They've got sports and you take away all of that. And you put the In the home and you tell him you can't leave the home. They're gonna eat more, even if it's even if all you did was after school sports like you were so terrified that your kid is going to get something that you don't want them in class. But you allowed them to take plate take part in sports after school That would make a massive difference in the health, the mental health of the kids. Just the ability to get out and run around and be around friends. Yeah, the mental health to you know, you think about the benefits of sport organized sports and activities like that. It's not just physical benefit. It's mental as well. And I'm I'm I'm frustrated by the ongoing discussions of well, we need to make sure that our kids are safe when they go back to school. Nobody wants your kids to not be safe when they go back to school. If I could go get a manicure in a safe way, right? The kid can go to class in a safe way. Well, and the and the truth of it is that in the studies that we've seen Transmission in schools has been far lower than transmission in the general community. So if if all you do is look at science and stop, you know, leaning into your feelings about this whole thing, Then there's some logic that goes into this because when you look at 11 of these doctors. Doctor has sing. I can't find Sandra has sink a pediatrician medical director of the American Academy of Pediatrics Institute for Healthy Childhood Wait. Says. I sometimes think of this as the footprint that Cove it will leave on our population, increased obesity, food insecurity and chronic disease. Look about that. That's what we're leaving our kids with. And it's not a simple is saying, you know, kids are resilient, which they are. They'll be able to go back to school. And forget about this that the bad habits have already taken shape in terms of laziness, even sliding into depression, food habits, things like that. And if you've ever tried to lose a certain amount of weight You. You let yourself go. You had health issues, something you put on 30 £40 harder to lose it. That was to put it on, right. But I mean, even if you're a kid and kids like you said, you walking to and from school, they're active. They could do the sports and stuff after school, So it's gonna be easier for them hopefully to get back into this, But we're You know, we're trading one risk for the other. The one risk of The obesity and the mental issues that are going to be going on with our kids, the lack of learning the speed bump and what was their, you know, normal educational and social development because we're afraid that they're going to get something that is almost never going to kill them. The experts are also trying to highlight the importance of nature being in fresh air, taking a walk, looking at the trees the whole bit getting away from the cars in the concrete. But this will help your health. Your longevity. They say it's not just exercised The pellet on doesn't count. You gotta get outdoors. Look at the birds Breathe the air. Two hours a day, they say. Is the new 10,000 steps. Find if I'm just sitting outside, like, not even walking, But you're sitting outside makes me feel happy. If nothing else. I mean, the vitamin D that you're gonna get from from being outside. But the fact that if this was a goal if goal if a goal for you was to be outside two hours a day Then. There's other things that come along with that the same thing with the 10,000 steps. I mean, even if you didn't hit 10,000 steps, the fact that you knew about it and wanted to and ended up 1500 steps short of it, or whatever the number is, you're a least doing something. And you may not be able to get two hours a day..

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