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She's literally on my dream. We went to a little women. Screening Me Jeff. Before Christmas after Christmas and we saw her on stage and she looked incredible. Yeah but all of her red carpet looks or all season. Looks have been. This Pale Watercolor Wash. Which is pretty interesting. On this event. Firstly her dress outfit was just like beyond you. Look give me get off yet to me and times it by several. 'cause you're slight the flight little thing But she had read lip and I don't think I'd seen her in a red light especially not in person. Because why would I but she had a head pull back which is like tendrils lose tendrils down and then she had a really bold red letters and it was dark. I think as well for me. She's on people that I would love to make pump because I feel like she looks amazing. No makeup but she also look really great with quite a bit of May cop. Yeah I think she can buy that. I don't mean like heavy layers make but I mean she could take a big bold I or like something. Quite inch cut would work really well on her. Just remind me is actually really more. I always think looks interesting yet. I think she always rocks a lip and that kind of no makeup look with the lip really really well. Yeah I feel like there's very minimal scar like I kind of liked that she'll choose something and I thought she definitely plays with on the outfit choices. Roy's interested yet. She's not someone who does certainly playing it safe. She's definitely having fun with it. And especially this year. She was there. Supporting her engage. You walking so that you know. She knew she was going to be in photographs. Play it safe. It was like she had a really interesting. Yeah Gown on an interesting look yeah the old Mara Guy Field Bruni around fairmount Ada. Well let's just use to live narrows in civil late. Uta All the time. It's not because it's when you see a proper famous person just like going down the street get coffee in the. She's really very very la. It's very scary very ally. Oh my God we're like so. La But that really is it Oscars which means it's time for one thing one thing only the thing. The thing highlight off. The I love that we can look each other now. We don't even have to know it. Belleville how they communicate code or she did not look. Happy Shea does not look I would you know what Belbow you're not? My highlight of the week. The reasons as well spill my highlight of the week is something. We are new news there the week on it is because I have been obsessed with them. The MAC glow play blush. Is Everyone Love Them? Because they're actually really good and you think about how many launch and how many collections might launch a lot and how often a new product from them actually gets cut through in the way that this house. Yes that you see everywhere you see everyone talking about everyone playing with it. I I'm obsessed with them was with my fingers. It's still probably my preference. But also I've found lake the real techniques smaller buffing brush is quite firmly bristled is really nice to buffet. I thought like a synthetic type. Yeah because obviously the fingers tightly packed as you can get an just a loose brush doesn't pick up enough enough product but those smaller chisels of puffing brushes a beautiful forgetting really diffuse water calories or look with it and the shades are just so pretty. There's a renewed shade the news and kind of as contour or like this is a soleil. Dan Type Product. Because I'm so fair can do that with it and there's a peachy pink that I really love the lavender pink. I am obsessed with. That's been my shoes. It come in loads on them as low. It's it's I think is eleven or twelve. I CAN'T REMEMBER. We talked about last time. I've forgotten but I love them so much. I use them on my eyes. I've used them on my lip like I took when apple of my way with me when I was away last weekend just so easy. I love so pretty. It's so great because I'll just do my foundation and then yeah same. Brush go in pick up a little bit buffer in. And if you need to buff out each study collide easy yeah. It's so easy and like I just don't know a skin that it wouldn't be pretty on so yeah big love for me. I'm absolutely obsessed with them. Where play those stories? I think? Watch this space. What's yours well you so I think my more come as prize mine is the new deal the do forever conceal it. Looks like a mini bottle. Almost like it almost looks like a thin version of the foundation. Bottle comes in thirty shades has quite a big dover. I just love everyone I use it on. It looks good on everyone where the I would say for majority of skin types. It looks great I think what say magic about my own skin is it feels like you don't eat loads of how like an you know to give context. I don't wear a lot of consumer I kind of do like a few dots number in the real techniques brush so I'm not kind of adding layers and layers but it's also the kind of conceal you can use to cover readiness to put over top of spot you can use is even developed it so it's almost like if you wanted like a next level fat like another level of foundation you can actually use it like as the foundation so it gives you a lot of options. I'm lazy. I do love concealed. I can do everything with and A. Just something about it photographs beautifully. It looks good in real life. It's a very I just I've been converted. Lindsey up some are saying good things. About mega conceal person usually speaking. But Yeah I. I'm in love with this guy even over my foundation if I just feel like saying yeah look and it doesn't settle and it just blends out is it wasn't the yeah. It's so pretty and the color the color of really good guys. Sometimes I think brands like Dior. Maybe not known for like. I think they're definitely like so much better now. In terms there inclusivity props you know a couple of years ago. You might go to like find your perfect shape but like I have clients who you know. They've got quite like V. Undertones and I can really guarantee that like that counselors are within that range so very happy very happy. Go lucky when applying comes together. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Oh loves as well. You don't Belleville upset. She did a g what you're bitter. She's guilty minute. I'm doing my evil evil is Oh yes. I hate you ask SAS SAS cat. She has assessing kitty sweet. That's the lot for today. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for keeping US. Distracted from all work in the facebook group and if you remember facebook dot com forward slash full coverage podcast click on the top pinned post to the beauty lavas group. You can chat tools their chart. Whoever's in there really nice? Everyone's having a lovely chat. We love it. I'm always amused number of people who are in those who've never listened to the podcast. Oh Nice twelve you feel free to give us a lesson but you know no no pressure. No pressure please. Precious on Prussia. But yeah thank you so much. Everyone's been following on instagram. Nice as well as locally and if you'd like to serve you we do love review if it's Nice. I don't really yes really. Five stars is always like reviews. Lovely five stars proper lovely. Yeah so if you want to defy Oz. That would be an uber driver. That has a phone charger on a bottle of water and three different kinds of sweets. A none of them have been laced with asks. You what radio station you want. And then doesn't try and talk to you the whole ride. That's US except we do talk to you. We're talking to when the UBER driver is in a way the radio state cool Indian Uber driver. Says what would you like to listen to the coverage full forecast by beauty and that will be perfect? But yes thank you so much everyone doodles and all that jazz. We really appreciate it. Understand understand appreciates it to the chair of Yeah. That was nice. It was that full guitar right. They're always looking because he won't sister so probably ought give it to him. That's great yes. We're going to feed the cats and we'll be back with you before you speak..

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