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A five point oh earthquake the island has been hit by quakes almost every day for nearly a month the latest quake happened a day after hundreds of people were evacuated from earthquake shelters because of flooding from recent heavy rains the stars of the music world are gearing up for the sixty so sixty second Grammy awards tomorrow night at staples center singer and rapper Liz out has a pack leading eight nominations I Lucien rapper little not sex each have six nominations Alicia keys is hosting we'll take a look at some trouble on the ten next you know one of the parts of my job that I love is a mask all the time about great places to eat and drink especially where you least expect them right I got a place for you urban press winery in Burbank award winning craft winery and they're bringing in the art of California one making right there to their gorgeous tasting room in downtown Burbank you gotta check them out quality wines they're made in so no my wonderful atmosphere they've gotten live music nights magic shows intimate wine pairing dinners even one classes as a matter of fact you can join a wine blending class on Saturdays or Sundays from two to five PM right what it shows on the regular price is seventy five dollars but if you sign up online you save twenty five dollars will give you that that address in a moment you get to take home a bottle of the one that you made yourself that's cool if you're looking to try something new or can't decide between us of annual blanc or Chardonnay urban press wineries Fiori twenty seventeen Grenache blanc is a great wine I had some this week perfect for hot hot or cold weather a light refreshing it's fragrant with laurel you can pick some up and pavilions on Alameda in Burbank or urban press winery located at three one six north San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank for more info and tickets visit urban press winery dot com but he has are back at ruby Tuesday.

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