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In about twenty minutes the special election in a suburb north of atlanta is on its way to being the most expensive race for a seat in the us house of representatives in history already approaching forty million dollars with several weeks to go before the runoff vote on june twentieth two candidates democrat jon ossoff for political newcomer and republican karen handel a former georgia secretary of state are spending millions in georgia's sixth congressional district replace tom price who resigned to become secretary of health and human services more from wall street journal reporter cameron mcwhirter cam what's up here it has become the battleground because democrats feel that they eight eight iran's feet to take work clear republican and at the same time cricket to cut the car after very cricket becoming a referendum on the presidency parts so it didn't work out so well in montana where they were hoping for the same thing what so what is polling say in this the district going the democratic candidate thirty year old will hurt than mid jon ossoff who would never felt worked it off white lead over karen campbell whose georgia's former sect state to a twenty percent of the vote which is very much in a runoff in april were withdraw up forty eight percent however that vote included a lot about the republican candidates world and so the whole presidential campaign they're going to be growing other republicans together and they can overcome the draw or you're talking about the amount of money is being spent we are committed to at least two point at least thirty seven million has been committed which would make it or committed would make the most expensive congressional race in history mark mark keep going it we could we could could become the most expensive great ever in the state of georgia which would be extraordinary include stewart that's amazing and this is this all about of say the referendum on mr trump the money coming in commits are all talk you could coming from all over the country from california new york federal messages to end up to quote trump have republican responding with their editors ended outside groups coming in an extraordinary numbers.

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