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Hello in this week's show u. n. secretary general antonio cherish on afghanistan and other big problems that need an international effort to fix them details from you and rights chief michelle basch let on myanmar's spout violence and corruption in south sudan. That's impacting terribly on the country's people. Although there is a little bit of good news from there to as we'll hear that's all coming up in this week's you and catch up date nine geneva. Thanks for listening. I the news with katie dartford. This is news in brief from the united nations. Afghanistan's health system is on the brink of collapse. The head of the world health organization w eight show has warned speaking from kabul on wednesday after a meeting with senior taliban figures along with medical professionals and patients w. h. o. director general tetris adenoma gabe racists said that international funding cuts had forced health providers to decide who to save and who tillett die. Developments came as the un's emergency relief. Chief martin griffiths announced. He was releasing forty. Five million dollars to support afghanistan's crumbling healthcare system in rural areas. Meanwhile the un food and agricultural organisation called for urgent international assistance to safeguard livelihoods..

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