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Finally determine the winner how unusual is to serve larousse with with a drawing well it depends where you live a different states handle these things differently as our colleague jessica taylor has reported some states like a high oh have used acquaintance us in colorado local elections have been decided with a vegasstyle car draw and here in virginia under state law it comes down to a drying unc the republican on bent by the way was not present at the drawing today because of the big snowstorm that's been bearing down on this region and then there's the odds devices used for the drawing why film canisters right at the details of beyond the fact that there's a tiebreaking drying are really a matter of tradition election officials say they've used film canisters for a long time in virginia these are the old school kind some of us might remember there are actually ordered on amazon were told and so what they do they put each candidate's name inside of one canister each but those in a bowl shake them up draw the winner and it does have a lotta significance with yann 'this wind today as things stand now republicans would seem to have a fifty one forty nine majority in the virginia house under serve him of this is all over now jens who have be sworn in and that'll be that while not necessarily a democrats could still ask for another recount so far they have not conceded and they just say that they're keeping their options open and shelly simon's the democrats are so let her supporters know about any next steps i should mention there's one other seat that still in dispute in federal court a group of democratic voters has asked for a new election there and there's a hearing on that one tomorrow in the dc suburbs but the assembly the virgin general assembly convenes in less than a.

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