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Around prairie the back of all that what about what about for the most part it's just kind of a tough job already getting or for the six so five yeah especially from the one ten over to crest drive you have a plumbing issue amount of the time they call responding for an experience for me that you can trust reforming isn't serving the southern California for over eighty years all for free estimate eight eight eight seven five seven Richard visit writs of plumbing dot com no readers they're just professional plovers next off the board six thirty five a Jennifer York more tropical what's more often can't extend seventy newsradio it'll be a nice day here in southern California little on the cool side this morning but very comfortable all will be fairly comfortable later on the day under so these guys seventies along the beaches run eighty or so definitely right now all down to let the Civic Center it is sixty nine degrees in clear mothers wanna gets fifty eight and then riverside under a cloudy sky it is sixty four degrees a bill to change approval for charter schools on the governor's desk more in three minutes at six twenty seven the following is a paid commercial announcement this is your business method brought to you by opus bank my name's Jenny foster. I'm a senior vice president and senior relationship manager with opus bank I really do love what I do you get to work with so many different businesses so many different families I look at these business owners as my everyday heroes I get to see them on a human level there are rolling the dice every day taking risks with their own money to make money but at the same time they're employing people those people get to put a roof over their head to get to send their kids to college they get to go take a vacation it takes a lot of guts to be able to do that for me I feel so privileged to work with them all these years they truly are everyday heroes that nobody ever gets credit for to be just a tiny part of their success is amazing want to explore how old this bank can help your business sign up for your complimentary business consultation at opus bank dot com.

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