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I'm on the garage set garage sale page or go by this four hundred eight items for sale now this is grad sale folks this this is stuff is generally probably didn't sell very well or they order too many or older items which is fine i mean you know we don't all use brand new tech and sometimes we just need this one little thing like for instance you need a a usb three point zero eight two micro b premium quality cable so many cents i mean there you go that's nothing dockers six eighty five per yeah that's the apple powerbook ipod iphone and ipad one ten watt so that's kind of meager that's a little one it's the one that i carried because it does both my ipad in the phone right it's not the little tilt thais well that's the one that's bigger that has some of this cracks me up though an intel zeon four core four or two point eight gigahertz processor with eight megabytes of l three cache it's pulled from a mac pro two thousand nine model four dollars and eighty five cents i guess if you're process you're went on your blurred yeah there you go less than five bucks you can have that that one one though though but but that's that's it's diets done on the page it's actually it shows the the intel z on box and they've got a couple of them actually memory allowed a memory here's an eight gig to twenty four hundred megahertz ddr four p c four to sixty pin fit sixty bucks regular two hundred dollars i have a the mac i use the most twenty lake twenty twelve macbook pro the last one to have the drive what's actually use it because i burn things on cd from time to time just to clean my do i block yeah i bet you i could find and i have eight gig in there but someone's that you can put sixteen even though apple says it only goes to eight right it it will access the sixteen right i should go look up here and get some memory which they have memory oh absolutely they do i guarantee you and they'll tell you though if it if it's going to access the sixteen or is captivate there's the seed so yeah i i love looking through the garage sale stuff because i almost always find something.

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