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You can. Virginia's health is in our hands. Hate 48 traffic and weather on the H two. Married to Pompeii and the traffic center already. Thank you, John. And thank you to w t o P listener. Jim, he's on. I threw 70 heading to work. Unfortunately, we feel your pain but North bound to 70 just after 109 in Hightstown extra 20 to stay right crashes blocking in the left lane. No help yet, but watch for responders could be heading that direction. No slowdowns associated You find this by surprise again, North bound to 70 after 109 Hightstown extra 20 to stay right on the Beltway in Maryland. We had the crash reported along the outer loop 3 55, we could be on the outer loop ramp. To ID to 70 watch the response there as they were finding the crash. We cannot see it around this curve in the camera, but you could find it almost that speed. We're going to continue on the Beltway where the outer loop in Virginia We still like cleanup underway for crash on the outer loop heading south at the Route seven Service road except 47. You had been staying to the left to get by. In Virginia. Interstate travel remains pretty light on 66 from front row to Rosalyn. Nothing reported there and 3 95 95 from the 14th Street Bridge in the Fredericksburg doing well. One note on 95 inches in Caroline County, where we had reports South bound 95. The ramp to Carmel Church, except one of four was remaining blocked due to an earlier morning crash investigation. We're checking in Vienna, where Bueller Road. Both directions between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive near the Church of the Holy Comforter, the central farm market here. No, the central farm market doing their part for local farmers. They are delivering two vehicles during this pandemic, so watch for traffic control. This could to find you by surprise. Married to pump the W T o p traffic Storm Team four's Lauren Rickets. It looks like that round of morning rain is pretty much out of here now. You're right about that. But I am still seeing a little bit of rain in Calvert County.

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