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Nobody rallies daughter boss oh cnn and the email or we bay months ago they signed up as operator of popular f b page and social news platform we count at the couple of donors complained that they that they thought they donated to the grass whose organization the company added this is like how if you go on spotify you put it like certain artists like song titles the sheet there's people people that just name they saw like typos like can they west and do you like there's not kind of a and they like maybe somebody type and now you're listening to somebody's bullshit you know they named song like kagame west of life apollo that's the name of song you type that in you go all melissa pablo but it's not it's just on nigga made his artists goop name weipa pablo right oh man anyway man two hundred he gets one hundred might yeah hundred hundred showa that's just terrible so yeah they talked to portray collars the air which they said color says she found the disturbance you say fake fundraiser diminish the real work of the movement does who rely on donors who believe in i work in our cars and that money will be used to as respectful is important to remember move the movement was our ganic and organization started the protests spread across the country derived mckesson say prominent black activists chelsea and the consequences of it of that is that it's been easier to think about often tissot in the digital space.

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