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It's gotta be tied medicine franko. Let's break the tie. And then matt stoff go that stuff go throws in one here from left field rocky bleier. I can honestly say that rocky bleier could be one of the great personalities ever to play at running back for the steelers to so so far. It's looking like the boss. It's looking like franko george. Teston just says he just made his own guy. Franko beddis franko beddis. Now running back for the pittsburgh steelers lease welcome for. I go bada then. Data that danna. That'd be great eric. Ask us love. And the bleier thing he saved bettas to looks like baddest is getting a lot of the votes here on the live chat. What are you all thinking you think in. Good with mattis or we saying franko. Can i throw in my vote. I am going to agree with a lot of you now. We're getting late. We're getting some late votes here for najji harris shot manahan. Brian bronzes. Najji seems to have it. We'll see yeah. Everyone seemed definitely bettas. I need to throw in a vote that none of you said. I've got to go with the french. Count john frenchy few kwa. That guy has personality. Like you would not believe. I had a chance to drive him to the airport. Back in two thousand eight. I corresponded with them for a little bit to the guy dressed in the seventies like he was ready for the club every single night or ready to have his own stable of ladies. If you know what. I mean with the velvet. He looked like a pimp. It was great. He had goldfish in his platform shoes. While that was absolutely amazing to me you gotta throw in personality. A lot of people didn't know frenchy fuqua but you gotta throw him into so. Let's throw these guys on the list. I ruin definitely beddis. So gonna go with the bus here and will will what we'll do is. We'll have some honorable mention with the french count. And is i throw men. And we're gonna throw in franco as well. Macaluso says merril hodge merrill had a good personalities. Well lot most of these guys did. But we're talking about great personalities. It's probably going to be better at running back. Let's go ahead and look at. We're not going to really look at the fullback position here. But anytime i talked about the greatest fullbacks in pittsburgh steelers history. I'm just gonna throw in john williams. I don't know what his personality was like as well but it's always john l. williams me wasn't here loan but he was awesome. If you know bad you know if we're talking fullback it's john l. That's it franko could be considered a fullback because back then he was a fullback but the the position has kind of changed. Now let's do this. Let's go ahead and take a look at the wide receiver position. This is gonna be crazy. Every i've my gosh what have to take to here. We will have to take two because the wide receiver position. Starting position. we're gonna have. We're we're going to have to on the field anyways. Captain underpants very funnier says ab had the most personalities. So i guess he gets the nod here yet. You you gotta really look at a. b. as for the guy had personality before everything went awry man as far as a fan favourite the way he took care of the fans as far as just like autographs. I remember on christmas eve one night. This is like two thousand fourteen looking at facebook. And he's like. Hey everybody christmas eve everybody. Let me know who. I should call. Give me your contact information. Who should i call on christmas eve to wish him a happy. America's most amazing absolutely amazing. The guy had a lot of personality. You might not like what happened in the last couple of years but when you look at the big picture. Ab had personality. You could vote for him to matt. Go throws in. Hines ward sean. Manahan does to eric ask. You hines ward. i would say. I would have to say you would have. To put hines ward there. I think that would be something we would have to say hines were definitely gets a nod. Tape boy says this. Have you seen swan and ward smile. That's great that's great stuff. Speaking of tape boys. He has a podcast going on youtube. Check him out date. Let us know the name of that. Podcast on youtube. Give a chance to get some. Lucks good stuff. His group there. I really like it. It is a good sport show. I only got to see a little bit of it. Because i was in a tent the other night jonah. Watch it and take what happened. This is crazy the other night. It was thursday night going on friday man. I think that's why. I'm still just really tired. And the reason. I'm really tired is is about two thirty in the morning. I just hear this russell. Shaw and i'm gonna attempt by myself. Scoutmaster gets his own tent and a hero this russell aright there. There's something out there. And i i want to check it out but i don't want to spook it. I mean if it is a bear or it was probably a raccoon or something. But i'll just go back to sleep. It's no big deal land. It's just like louder and louder for about twenty minutes away. All right lights on break out the phone. See if i could get a little bit of service because the service was bad up there a little bit of service in just start working and that's what i did and i came across a message from tape boys anything i'm going to show. I wanna take a peek at his show and my service wasn't that great so i couldn't do it but check out the know. It alls podcast kato. Kato i t a l l z. It's good stuff really good stuff. We'll have to tate on on a show coming up do that Emc think pen. We're getting some votes from yancey. Thigpen man. I think lynn swann lynn. Swann was all personality really. Think you've gotta look lynn. It was nobody knows. Say was bigfoot. Brian brown that's that was great so Bigfoot can you imagine jeff hartmann in base. Go come on the show. Bad won't be with us. He was attacked by bigfoot so we're there will be no tales from two. Am for the next ever. Because the yeti might have gotten me but that was in college and that's two. Am story but we'll talk about that. Another time. i don't know what's going on with. Brian brown but apparently snowman's asking. How was your date last night. I don't know what's up. i've been gone man. I'm gonna tent for a week. Bad company's going on hashtag bad companies going on dates. I don't know about it if you had a date. Great great bryan brown. I think that's awesome. Hope it went..

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