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Near the water overnight tonight tomorrow not as hot inland and been a warm stretch the past couple of days air quality is better the ocean breeze pushing a little farther inland and highs falling low. To mid nineties tomorrow upper eighties too low nineties on Sunday still above average just not as hot near the. Water seasonably cool like you have been sixties and seventies were likely both weekend days near the Bank and fifties and sixties are likely right at the beach next week is the onshore. Flow gets. A bit stronger in that big strong ridge of high pressure which is kept California baking for. The past four or five weeks it's finally beginning to move and the atmosphere will cool down a bit as a result. So, highs may fall below average Away from. The water for the first time in a while. By the middle of next week likely dropping to the low to mid, eighty s I'm meteorologist. Paul the KPI x five in KCBS forecast traffic and weather together on the, it's, on all news one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news, time six twenty one or Newswatch continues stunning development. And the ghost ship criminal. Trial and Oakland today. The judge decided, to toss the plea deals for both defendants the judge's declaration shocked some. In the courtroom where family members of. The victims cheered. And shouted following the decision we're gonna talk a. Little bit more about the sentencing hearing which live on the KCBS ring central Newsline by legal analysts and KPI x five correspondent Melissa Hain. Melissa how unusual is it for a judge to toss a plea deal, oh well have you said stunning this was absolutely a shock to everyone in the courtroom maybe. A released us maybe a problem for others that it just almost never ever happened I. Remember this is a plea deal Bill that would negotiated by a judge a judge, Jacobson who was the initial hearing judge who worked really really. Hard, to get the defense cow defendant's council and the district attorney to this place and then to explode this very, very carefully crafted a plea deal is just really extraordinary Melissa you're an attorney or lawyer and you and I are both in this. Courtroom at different points during this case but how weird is it. Too or unusual is it to have one judge agreed to a plea a plea deal and then another toss. It out at the sensing hearing that that's the other part that's really unusual amino remake the, courthouse Christmas party awkward with one who worked so so very hard. And, I guess after two days of hearing and then Mr. letter to? Sort, of, not passing muster Armin? Kremer must've been really really motivated to do this because. He really put a, lot on the line and risks angering a co worker and the. District attorney's office which as a Krimmer Final a criminal court judge, you see all? The time really upsetting a lot of folks that he's going to be dealing with an ongoing basis so he must have, felt very very compelled to do what he did today from. What I understand Derek almanac one of the defendants who was going to spend nine years in prison he wrote a letter a, really long letter to probation and then he did make testimony in the courtroom today the judge found that he was lacking remorse that was, for his written comments Monitor it was based on the letter where he basically described himself as. A victim in that letter and it's not unlike, what his attorney has been saying I mean Doug interviewed Mr. Sarah he's consistently said that, the real perpetrator here is Oakland and their. Failure to. Inspect properly and that. His, client, is, one of, the real victims in this. Case so it's maybe not surprising that the letter reflected what his what his attorney hasn't. Arguing the whole time but I'll tell you. The. Person here who should be really upset is my Harris. Because. This was a a sort of joint deal and so if l. it doesn't get the deal then harasses Pedo goes. Out the window to and there's, no indication that he was anything but remorseful and appropriately Sutton with this deal. All right thank you so much Melissa Melissa Cain KPI x five reporter, and legal analyst he's been covering the case a quite, a turn of events in that Oakland courtroom today let's. Check out the developments on Wall Street Jeff. Bellinger is a super micro in Tell money stocks fell in Friday trading as a currency crisis in. Turkey spooked, markets around the. World, the Dow Jones industrials fell one hundred ninety six points or three quarters of a percent twenty five thousand three thirteen the NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred both. Fell seven tenths percent the government's gauge of retail level inflation the consumer price index rose two tenths percent. Last month the core CPI which excludes energy and food prices was also up two-tenths percent the core CPI was up two point four. Percent from July of last year that was the, biggest year over year jump in a decade Ericsson announced that some of its mobile networking, gear will be built in the US by. The end. Of the year the. Swedish, technology, company, says Florida-based, Jabil will produce its product. Starting in the fourth quarter Ericsson has not decided yet whether it will build its own..

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