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Second hour Nashville as Alabama wins game one. 70 to 49, Tennessee playing Missouri right now with a slight lead. A couple of games after that, Braden Gaul joining us from ESPN radio. Braden, it is a good see. I feel like you know this audience pretty well. You've sat in spring and summer and been subjected to all the things that subjected. What are you talking about? It's a pleasure. It's a pleasure to see you. Welcome to Nashville and hosted the final I'm sure I have to go through. These are our people, Paul. They are also involved in a company called four 44. What is that? Local digital company here in Nashville, all natural sports. So if you care about things like the predators or the Titans, SEC football, of course, we got you covered four 40 sports on the Twitter account there on the YouTube page, the whole deal. So we believe in giving people a communal experience, which I think is what the fine bomb show is all about is this sort of unifying togetherness and love of a common command deal and that's what we've got at four 40 sports for Nashville. And sort of middle tennesseans as well. But it's all digital. Check it out. We appreciate it. I've always been curious about Nashville because I remember Nashville and it didn't have anything. And the Titans and the predators, it seems like especially the predators have really grabbed this town. That's true. Football still dominates. If you look at the TV ratings, it's still absolutely the Titans and SEC football. In fact, what's fascinating is that the vols and Bama have battled for supremacy in the city. Really? Yeah, so I moved here before the predators in the Titans came here. I moved here in 96 and it was a Tennessee town. Four to Tennessee was the SEC east championship game. It was the SEC championship game. That's the rivalry I grew up with in high school here. A lot of power teas everywhere in Nashville it was a Tennessee market. Right around 2007, Paul, I don't know what happened around then, but right around 2007, there are a lot of more script days, a lot less power tease in the market. A lot of Alabama fans in Tennessee ratings in middle Tennessee, huge ratings, TV wise for Alabama games. It balanced out this fall for some reason. Also, no, no idea why. No, a lot more tease, a lot more orange started showing up again, but it's still a Tennessee market. When they're good, it's people are really into it. They have to be good though. But like Nashville's, I love this city. It's my home, but Nashville will leave the party pretty quickly if it gets dull. So you got to keep people. I remember being here, I don't know, 8 9, ten years ago, whatever it was and they were winning. Oh yeah. And everybody was a predator, Sam. Well, the cup run in 1617 changed everything. It brought in the common fan, the casual people, Broadway was insane down here. And even since then, the city has changed it, but there's about 14 more buildings downtown just since 2017,

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