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Your car to state dental since ten ten wins accu weather says a mild evening with a few showers and drizzle and fog low forty two were very blustery day tomorrow then with wind gusts as high as fifty miles an hour times Watson sun and high of forty seven but the wind will keep real feels in the lower thirties mostly clear and brisket knighted chili low thirty two then Monday cloudy colder high thirty eight a wintry mix beginning to fall sometime in the afternoon before changing over to rain now this message there's a new daily breakfast deal available every day on the McDonnell sap I'm Donavan wins time at six thirty good evening I'm Monique Kobyla a man wielding an imitation firearm that looked homemade was shot by New York City police early today in the concourse section of the Bronx man is in critical condition NYPD chief of patrol Fausto Pichardo says a nine one one caller reported being approached by a man on the street who pointed a gun at him a photo on the NYPD's Twitter account shows a knife attached to wear a gun's barrel would be almost like a smaller version of a homemade bay in at the office or the suspect to show them his hands when he pointed the weapon it's always the offices two uniformed officers discharged their weapons striking the suspect in the torso police say while the imitation gun looked really was not functional except for the knife the shooting was captured on body camera Julie Walker New York so far police haven't released any other information on the suspect you can see a photo of that fake gun on ten ten wins dot com wins news time six thirty one from the ram trucks traffic center now alea gosh man hello it over to and hadn't had the Harlem river drive a very slow ride of approaching the Kennedy bridges north bend the laces well like going.

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