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Twenty or thirty Round Mad. I hear you I love what you do. Here's what you do carry on. Do all this stuff and then give give us a call back and give us a range of because now I'm curious I'm just like I say I've never heard of that before using cast bullets Ar. I'm curious how it works so we'll do do that. Let's say Jan.. We probably don't have time to put an okay. Paul Don going to pull you into the after show because we're going to talk about a Christmas present for for himself and also would love to get you wade in or way in both you can do both on the after show with us which will be coming along and just a the second. Call us at eight six six. Talk Gun I'm thinking about Christmas presents and drives some people crazy. But yeah what guns for. Kids is a good idea whether it's a Red Ryder. Bb Gun we're talking about Ceesay twenty two. The other day are excellent but earlier in the show Smith and Wesson has the Little Air Twenty twos which are gray got this collapsible stocks. They're just really cool. And of course with all all of that. Comes your time spending time with youngsters teaching them to shoot making sure those guns by the way are absolutely no kidding. Locked up so they can't can't get to them when you're not there. But the responsibility that comes from giving the responsibility of trusting them while you're you're there all the time is amazing back. If you have given or received guns as a Christmas present I would love to hear about that. You'd call me right now. Get talked about it during the after after show again eight six six. Talk Gun meantime when you're buying a gun for somebody by him. My lessons training at the same time. It's really worthwhile. Glad uh-huh shooting take somebody with you before on this codex craze next week..

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Paul Don, Ceesay, Wesson discussed on Gun Talk

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