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The Trump Administration is ordering hospitals to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and instead send all covert 19 patient information to a central database in Washington, D. C. CDC director Dr Robert Redfield said the agency has agreed to remove the National Healthcare Safety Network from the collection process in order to streamline reporting information, such as the number of intensive care unit beds and personal protective equipment available will now be reported to Pittsburgh based tell it, tracking technologies from public health leaders fear that switch will further sideline the CDC barbecue. Second Washington Trump is replacing campaign manager Brad Pascal, with veteran GOP are Stepien Trump in Pascal's relationship has been strained since a Tulsa, Oklahoma, ran into a small, dismal crowd, which disappointed the president. Lawyers for President. Trump told a federal judge that continue to challenge the Manhattan district attorney's efforts to see the president's financial record when the Supreme Court ruled that the Manhattan district attorney could still pursue President Trump's financial records through a subpoena issued to his accounting firm. The justices said there were other arguments. The president's lawyers could make to oppose that subpoena. Now, Mr Trump's attorneys, and they argue that the grand jury subpoena was too broad and that D a Cy Vance, who is a Democrat, brought this subpoena to harass the president. The district attorney is seeking eight years of tax records. A hearing has been scheduled for Thursday. Steve Kastenbaum, New York's infectious disease expert, Anthony found she called the White House ever to discredit him. Quote bizarre Coach. He urged an end to the defensiveness over the country's response to.

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