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So you could hide. So pierre maguire's got a new gig. He's a member of the ottawa senators. How about that. Yeah whatever. What else i know. I'd like beer. Always have always have of course. We got history. I saw some People hitting me up today. So some guys say i i forget half the shit we did on the radio but i would like to see jimmy just to just to hear him once again. Call them pete was i. The only guy called him. Pete isn't peer. Serve another name for pete. I never heard say pedro or galarza. Sure so sure. Some of his friends did as well. Yeah we we certainly have history of pierre mcguire like i did one thousand nine years at tsn. Twelve hundred a couple of months off in the summer. Obviously but beyond that every working day we would call pierre mcguire to eight in the morning and have our morning chats with them and you part of that for over a decade and Yeah i mean. Great asset to the ottawa senators. Just a reset of the sense have brought in pierre. Mcguire i forget it's one of those dumb. Nhl titles senior director of player operations development yadda yadda yadda effectively. He's right the right hand. Man now appear dory on so you basically got the. Pierre's run on the show for the ottawa senators. And i think you would agree. That guy's savant when it comes to knowledge of hockey players in the game. Well i wouldn't predict he would get a gig like that. You know i kinda. I know over the years right. His name was always floated around about doing different jobs for different teams that he wanted to get back in the game. You know where there's smoke there's fire when we heard those rumors and i believed that that pierre was vocal about it i think back back in over over all those years when he when he came back on the scene as a broadcaster. You know he left. He left the game under a little. Bit of controversy. You you can look that up you know and and At harm i think for many many years Don't quote me on this. But but but that's the sense i got. I'm i know if you guys. I'd heard some stuff from players why he would might not get picked. It wasn't a real positive experience in his time in hartford. No they use the term. Use the term blackballed. You know that. He wouldn't be a that he would never get another gig. There were lots of gigs. That came up that. I think his name was in there and it just never happened but the guy you know the two things here stevie.

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