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Nfl often twenty years and say well it's not going to be around there it's going to be a white boxing or it's going to be like the fight club where it happens in the subways and you don't talk about it this possibility technology advances and can help us there will willett i am not nostradamus okay let's go to mike in east rockaway your other fan mike capital waterrich hey mike ogata good turkey day thanksgiving bad enough that it was good no which i was talking to anthony while i was on jack i was going to speak about uh johnston the jets i go back as a jet when the with the titans uh when i was a youngster but rich interesting call and i knew he'd speak about that like you said after the update uh bob costas the comments about uh real real uh difficult decision for moms and dads and numbers are dwindling four put pool c t e um it's really getting to the point i read a peace i'm sure we're rich went on with the movie concussion came out uh took everybody by surprise in there were literally some guys who were the nfl uh uh shoot executive news a goons putting pressure on um on moved and and and now one who's gonna hear walk as as we know rich for people who played in the nfl concussion uh i've read a piece about grit far uh he had the most from by any uh.

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