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Now six of the witches came from one of two families. The dim dykes and the checks. Is there chatterboxes. Dykes dot yet. Dem dykes right them. Dyke mitch's i not the tory at all. But that's why. I wanted to make sure this is actually what. It is a mini. The allegations resulted from accusations. That these two families they did not like each other they made against each other because they hated each other's toys pre hatfield mccoys. Yes the dim dykes and the kind of maybe screwed each other over a little bit accusing each other of witchcraft passive aggressiveness. That resulted in death. Another interesting thing is that many of them actually did practice witchcraft. So it's not one of those completely baseless kind of false accusations and i'll get into that here in a little bit and you know some bad things happen where people assumed dialed even when they didn't have to so i'm going to be focusing a little bit more on the dim dyke family which included elizabeth her daughter elizabeth and her grandchildren james allison with a z and their daughter and now I do wanna point out and before the witchcraft was actually a practice. Kind of art at the time and it was acceptable. And in fact the matriarch elizabeth the old one super old have been practicing witchcraft in the area for like fifty years or probably to make it more presentable to the lay folk. She's an alchemist. Oh there you go or an alchemist. You've been doing it for a long time. But remember with christianity and such people were turned against switches and there are some incidents that occurred that did caused them to be accused and tried. And that's what i'm gonna get into so on her way to trodden forest The granddaughter alison encountered a man named john law. He was a peddler and she asked him for some pins. Now seventeenth century. Metal pins were handmade and relatively expensive but they were really needed for magical purposes such as ealing for treating warts for divvy nation and for love magic which is probably why she was so eager to get hold of them with her family practicing all this but this is that time where things are starting to get kind of iffy so he was really reluctant to sell them to her and in fact he did he refused to solve the pins a mere few minutes after their encounter loss stumbled and fell because they think that he had a stroke he managed to regain his feet and reach a nearby in initially. He made no accusations against sin but she appears to have been convinced of her own powers so she actually went and confessed and asked for his forgiveness without even being told so. This is kind of one of those sad things. She was actually being nice and trying to do the right thing but she ended up drawing attention to herself. And she's a female back then so she kinda fucked now alison Her mother elizabeth and her brother. James were summit at this point to appear before. Like a person who's a judge. She confessed that at this time. She had sold her soul to the devil and that she had told the devil to lame john the peddler after he had called her thief her brother james then stated that his sister had also confessed to being a local child. Elizabeth was more reticent. Admitting the only her mother elder at elizabeth dim dyke had a mark on her body something that many would regarded as being left by the devil after he sucked her blood..

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