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Best means it's a puzzle or matching game but as a guy who cut his teeth growing up on console and pc strategy games. I really liked that. It also includes elements of storytelling and leveling up your characters in best fiends. You start with these little baby versions of your characters the fiends and develop them as you compete against the bad guys. The slugs as the fiends develop their skills. The game levels grow more complex and that really helps to keep your fingers and your brain engaged with new levels constantly being added. You also won't run out of content anytime soon. Download best fiends free today on the app store or google play. That's friends without the our best means. Dog level was either an angel or a devil depending on who you ask. Doug is a man who repented and deserves a chance to get into society before he dies. His bishop chuck thompson. Sent this email to the head of the charity. Rising star outreach. Becky douglas on the final day of witness testimony saw doug. Yesterday he glowed. You're as angel and might be the one who saves his life both chuck and becky had testified on. Doug's behalf both had seen joyce joost's children kim salazar and greg roberts sitting in the courtroom. I still don't understand. What part of the atonement joyce's kids don't understand. After thirty bitter years it is more than time to let go and forgive dug a changed man. Closing arguments began the following morning. Prosecutor chris shaw went first. He told the jury over the thirty years since doug had killed joyce the focus had become quote all screwed up. It's perversely directed when the hope is she. Bob you're here beyond joining us. There can be no closure. He said when your loved one is taken from you. Forever consider that weight the weight of the human destruction that this defendant's conduct is had on that family and on joe's most importantly life ended thirty nine years. He asked the jurors to consider whether doug had showed joyce human dignity when she had pleaded for her life and he challenged the idea. Doug's efforts to lead investigators to joyce's remains had been authentic remember his manipulative controlling and cunning nature. We have to stop and get beer growing take law enforcement to the place. Are you eating me. We have to stop and get a beer. This is the same person that raped her. They kidnapped her they and murder and he's swedish about taking the police to the right spot. Please chris asked the jury to make its decision. Based on the entire constellation of doug's criminal behavior he's committed all of the aggravating felonies. The state of utah has to offer this. Chris said justified a sentence of death. Defense attorney michael bowels then stood and reminded the jury doug did not contest the facts of the crimes he had committed thirty years earlier. The stakes right. It was a horrendous crime There's no excuse for this defense work. Which is exactly why during the trial phase. We didn't present a defense. But michael said there were other factors to consider doug's family life. His parents divorce a history of head trauma and substance abuse. And what about ronda. Michael called her a co-conspirator who had needed immunity because of the active role she had played in plotting. Joyce's death and of course we're going with. This is not that we got to somehow bring rhonda charter. But the question is whether it's appropriate and that's a decision. You're going to have to reach in this case whether it's appropriate and just in this case to impose the death penalty on doug when rhonda didn't face any charges at all michael said doug had been ernest in his efforts to take terry carpenter to joyce's body. Doug level has the greatest incentive of anybody to lead them to the right place if he leaves into.

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