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Okay so this is much overdue. But the timing is perfect because ranson randomness is now professional troublemakers. And who better. Who better to have on as he sent professional troublemaker. And the woman who has every award known to man like every award. And i'll here. Cynthia doesn't belong in any boxes multi hyphen it and even her hair makes trouble. I mean sometimes it does her hair because sometimes it's purple sometimes. It's green sometime pink any given day. I'm always like i wonder what coleman hair cynthia guy you can't. You can't bet on it so welcome troublemakers. But thank you. Thank you my main booze. Cynthia is one of my loves. I love you. I love her so much and she said yes. Of course we've definitely taken our time to do. this is taking. Oh my gosh. So yes so excited to have you on. Thank you for having me so. My first question is yes. What did you wanna be when you were growing up <hes>. I wanted to be a singer and actress and then at some point i changed that to a spinal surgeon and then i went back to being singer and actress. Okay now talk about there. How did you go from singer actress who wants to be a spinal surgeon. Well i had this one year in high school. I call the secondary school where i was like obsessed with biology and was really good at like. I'm one of those kids. That could really have gone either way. I could have done the biology of it. All and science of it. All if i really liked buckled down and when i was like truly truly applied i was like causing with flying colors and i was doing that anyway but i really like doing re doing well and then i was like no. I realized that that was me trying to strangely enough trying to fit in with everybody else because the people in my class they were super intelligent lawyer wanting to be lawyers. Nurses doctors ovet saw. Which has and i was like. Well i wanna be a part of that. Many people wanted to be performed. Only there was only really me. And i was like well. I could do this spinal surgery so you're another failed. Dr welcome to the club like there's only of us. Yeah we're like we could have actually do actually is. We could have actually. Let's be clear. I probably could not have. Let's actually terrible but like wasn't it matt. Set you a terrible at. I mean i was okay. I was probably buried math than i was. At st. oh chemistry was strolling caroline. Chemistry was a struggle for most people. Like you know doing. I liked chemistry though. But biology really my bag fizz like like. I can't even remember the name of this other science physics. Physics the worst. yes today. I actually loved maths. I love maths. Yeah i was. I was really good at it. I was good at algebra trigonometry. Calculus count me out. But i don't think trigonometry is necessary for anybody it's ridiculous. Is algebra really necessary. Not really but it's fun to do software ex. Yeah yes. I can do that all day. No so you went okay. So what was five year old. Cynthia like five year old. Cynthia was bubbly chatty would sing. Everything probably hummed when she ate nosy. Reno's i wanted to know about everything. I wanted to be in everyone's business. I wanted to hear what everyone was talking about. I wanted to see everyone was doing <hes>. Yeah that was that was her she was i was i was fun. Like i'm not shy of a show. Anything ever fabio le vian five. You would have been friends. i think. Thirty five year old. Lovey and five year old. Cynthia probably would have gotten into trouble a lot. But for nothing other than talking t- much facts actual facts and talking and really smart so you couldn't get checkup 'cause you're right. It's one of the two kids that like are always talking and when you have the conversation they do something that makes you laugh. Even you're supposed to get them into trouble and they do something silly and they're both really cute and small so you kind of like minds go back to class just is fine. Bet is exactly. Where did you grow up. I grew up in so i went to south london school in south west london. And that's where. I grew up and then we moved when i was about fifteen to east london and i. That's where i was until i was about. Twenty four twenty five. Yeah so then. In high school you went back to the performing arts of at all. Yes i did. You have a nigerian mom idea. How did she handle it. Was she cool. was she supportive. What was she like. I want you to be a doctor. She was really supportive because she's a bit of a rebel herself she <hes>. She was when she. She came over to london. I won't say twenty four. She came to london on her own. She came with one of her sisters but they basically went. She has this whole thing and she kept wanting to have thing as well and she was sent here to do one thing and did something totally different because she wanted to. She's like i don't want to do this. Thing is being asked of me. I know i wouldn't want to do this. And i think that because she was bought here a sent here to do something else. That didn't that wasn't a passion she. I don't think she ever wanted to inflict on me the same thing so she just wanted me to do what i wanted to do. But do it really well

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