Edgar Moran Carreira, Greg, Senate discussed on Mark Levin



The teacher Perry's hostage. If we don't get the five day school weeks pass the pay raise would help with the teacher shortage, but the five day requirement takes away local control that schools were given to deal with the education funding problem. Now, the Bill is awaiting vote in the state house, and then it would have to go back to the Senate because it was amended and Republican Senate president pro tem, Greg. Treat says he is disagreeable to linking the pay raise with a five day school weeks. He says the two issues should stand on their own merit a customer found a hidden camera and a woman's bathroom at a restaurant in Sallisaw and police have now arrested a restaurant employee a customer found the small camera in an air vent above a bathroom stall police have arrested thirty two year old Edgar Moran Carreira who has reportedly confessed to putting the camera in a bathroom. Police say there could be hundreds of victims. And if some of those victims are. Children Moran could be in especially big trouble. Police went to his house and seized several cellphone's data storage devices, laptops, and computers. And a suspect is now in custody for allegedly breaking into the straw, their elementary school in seminal early Monday and sending several fires inside the school. Forty five year old Philip Dumpson was arrested Thursday and Holden Ville after a traffic stop the Seminole county. Sheriff's office says tips began pouring in after surveillance video was released Dunston is being held on one million dollars bond.

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