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Oh one north bound Santa tailored Burlingame because the closure of the peninsula Avenue exit an accident investigation of the bottom of that rant what a one north is now packed through the ninety two interchange and it's getting heavier by the second one public transit note the first days train is running an hour late because of hitting something that reportedly was a cow on the tracks in the Central Valley Joe McConnell forty QT support for KQED comes from San Francisco performances presenting pivot a four day adventures music festival which Jennifer Kobe J. IRA Taishan story Patricia compassion sky and more with arch moderator sign Musiker January twenty third three twenty six of the herbs theater SF performances dot org live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly it'll likely be a couple more days before the White House begins making its case at president trump Senate impeachment trial house managers continue their opening statements today on Capitol Hill polls suggest Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire less than three weeks before the democratic presidential primary in that state Anthony Brooks with member station WBUR reports from Boston a number of recent polls put Sanders close to were in the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire the new WBOY our poll is the latest they find Sanders leading the top tier candidates with twenty nine percent judges well behind in second place with seventeen percent Joe Biden with fourteen percent and Elizabeth Warren with thirteen percent are virtually tied for third place Steve because cell of the massing polling group conducted the poll he cautions that with almost three weeks to go until the primary much can change so I wouldn't take these numbers to the bank but you've got a like them if you're the Sanders campaign to national polls this week found Sanders and Joe Biden leading the democratic race for NPR news I'm Anthony Brooks in Boston Singapore's health ministry is confirming its first case of a corona virus blame for at least seventeen deaths in China he's described as a sixty six year old Chinese national from the city of Wuhan this is NPR news from Washington live from KQED news I'm Brian watch in San Francisco the union that represents about eight thousand university of California service workers has reached a tentative contract agreement KQ Edie's poly striker reports the deal includes wage increases maintains retirement benefits and keeps health premiums down it also limits the ability of U. C. to outsource service jobs a major point of contention in recent years you see service workers including custom audience landscapers and food Sir office workers have been without a contract since twenty seventeen the long running labor dispute let the Democratic National Committee to relocate last December's debate from UCLA to loyal American University a vote to approve the contract is expected by the end of the month I'm poly striker KQ reading news community members in Richmond to plan to meet tonight to vote to recommend changing the name of Woodrow Wilson elementary school to Michelle Obama elementary school my issue coal with the parent teacher association says it's time for a name change so the children can have someone they can relate to someone who is current to them someone who they kids you know look at her life and emulate the things that she's done in her life yes the school board and the west Contra Costa unified school district approved the change Richmond could have a Michelle Obama elementary school by mid February currently students at the school are learning in a temporary location while the new campus is under construction I'm Brian white KQED news support comes from Sutter health were a thousand things big and small work together to serve communities across the bay area Sutter health support for Kate you we do this morning comes from T. mobile for business T. mobile has invested nearly thirty billion dollars on their five G. network designed for workforce.

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