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Or after eight weeks of pregnancy will not go into effect as scheduled Wednesday a federal judge in Kansas city put the law on hold while a legal challenge against it plays out Richard cancer ABC news showers and thunderstorms are moving off to the eastern we'll do some clearing during the overnight hours sixty two for the eventual low the window be up there so you might be able to avoid the fog because of that seventy nine on Wednesday it'll be another breezy day but will get some sunshine in the afternoon I maybe see six first warning chief meteorologist Marshall might be gone your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN jingles any dance for you so and he would jump in the name tell me other times he worked with with minstrel shows the cell spoke with tears of fifteen years solace in he he said I from coast to coast and worldwide on the internet this is coast to coast AM with George Noory that'll classic song sung by Sammy Davis junior originated when the writer of the song was in prison he was in a jail.

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