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Tom Sullivan Yes, I love it. So welcome back to the program. I was sitting reading some of my tweets and follow me on Twitter address at Sullivan Radio. Scott, says Tom, it was Trump that told his followers. Numerous times that Pence could change the outcome. Come on, man. That's what I'm telling you that it was a serious of people, if you if you go back to the YouTube video of all the festivities last Wednesday morning on the mall, and there was like I told you yesterday There were I found two or three of the speakers where evangelical Uh, preachers, and they were preaching about Jesus Christ and all it was very religion. Lot about religion, and but there were also people that were angry and mad and stirring up the crowd, and they were very political. And then, um Don Jr got up there gave a speech. And then Rudy Giuliani. He's being quoted. He said it about Something about We need, uh to go. Um To trial with combat or some something about combat. And then the president spoke. So there was a lot of people, but I mean, yes, they've been told by various people. That are either the president or his associates or Linwood or Sydney Paolo City, Pal. She's getting sued. Yep. Did you see where Dominion Is suing Sydney pal for $1.3 billion Well, maybe she can write a check for 1.3 billion and if it doesn't clear Sheikhoun claim that Hugo Chavez was involved somehow. So, Yeah, that I mean, the Trump base was lied to about How the The process works. And I believe the Democrat bases being lied to by the fact that they think that Donald Trump's gonna be impeached out before I go too far. I'm with Trey Gowdy on this. I think Chad programs a genius. Here is what can happen and I gotta ask you Those of you that are Trump supporters. Those of you that are not Trump supporters. They couldn't and you heard what Chad program said that it could they could write an article of impeachment. In a surly is the middle of next week. Washington moves slow, but all it takes is an article of impeachment. And then they don't even have to have hearings. They could just say. All right, let's have a vote on this article of impeachment. So I think they could Impeach him again next week and like Chad, said of one of the reasons is to put a stain on his record as the only president. It'll put him in history books. The only president to be impeached twice. But that doesn't mean again. Remember that the word impeachment is a Basically a charge. It's a prosecutor saying we are indicting you for this crime. They are indicting the president for whatever the article of impeachment, says. That doesn't mean that he's guilty. That doesn't mean that he's thrown out and I doubt seriously That they are going to be able to. They'll get it out of the house if they want to. And I also get what Chad was talking about. Is that ghetto? It's going to put the Republicans in a little bit of because they're so was he But some of them won't know what always talks. What do I do Do by boat for this? We're doing about what's gonna happen because they're so afraid of the maggot crowd. That if they vote for impeachment, they're doomed. The next time they run, they think They're afraid of the maggot crowd. Or they vote against it. And then the other people in their district go. You was So it's a strategy to Nancy's trying trying to make a point embarrassed the Republicans in the house. It will not get 67 senators. To convict him. I don't care how fast they move so once again, it's a total waste. Of energy and time, and I think Nancy knows that, and she's lying to her base. 855295 66 100, John Sparks, Nevada. Hello, John. Thank you, Tom. For taking my call. Appreciate it. You bet. I think we almost witnessed the very historic moment. If Donald Trump at actually locked on with the The group that went to the capital and march down there as the figurehead and actually called for massive. You know, he's got 75 million supporters supposedly means he called for everybody to come to Washington. He could have actually, I believe advanced into the capital and just occupied the capital. Permanently, You know, I mean, everybody would have eventually just been sharing that he took over the congress. You know, in the name of the guess, Republican party. I'm not sure what? Yeah. I mean, he got that opportunity, But then he got back into the White house. And basically he just sent those people to their doom. They're all gonna be arrested. Oh, John, I'm glad you said that. Did you see the video that's out? Of Trump family and the president and Don Jr and Eric Kimberly. All the group and they were They were in kind of a tent facility right there on the lips. And they were in there watching the video of the crowd marching up to the Capitol in and occupying the capital in their in their dancing and smiling And I thought that I thought, Oh, my God. They used to miss ponds. They're using these people. Yeah, yeah, agitation. It was done on the college campuses. You probably had to go against the writers, but they had a lot of agitators. Come on the college campus like Donald Trump still up the students and they go take over the student union building. That's what it looked like. The guy's got his Feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk, and, you know, that was typical. This smoking a cigar. You know, some senior at the colleges right? They occupied the chancellor's office. I talked a little bit about it talked about it yesterday because I was on a college campus and I saw the agitators and I saw how it only took ah handful of them to get a crowd really into a frenzy. I saw it. Um Nasser. Psychology is a lead somewhere. Well, it's a funny thing how people reacted in crowds so If he had done other this is this is the other problem I have. I understand. People are not constitutional scholars, but they say they're quick to say I'm for the Constitution. Well, then at least peruse it and find out that the Congress has no way to change. The vote. I mean, if if the vice president of the United States could change the vote of all the states Then why not just have the vice president pick the next president? And I mean, Joe Biden said. Donald Trump is the duly elected president and Mike Pence said Joe Biden is the duly elected president and four years from now. Um Kamila Harris is going to say who is the duly elected? She can't pick the president. Pence can't pick the president. And so I don't know how it got into people's heads, that this was going to be something that would actually happen. I'm fascinated by all right. Get it. Donald Trump is really not a dictator material.

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