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Storm systems comes through the Southland we seem to have escaped yesterday without any major landslides either the holy fire, which is now a voluntary. The voluntary evacuation the Wolsey fire any of those PCH was closed for a couple of hours last night. I guess through through Sunland I five with close. Here's this one one particular spot of I five as you are leaving Burbank, and you're almost at the one seventy going northbound, there's this one particular spot where the water just pours down the on ramps, and you wind up with like three or four feet of water and that happened last night. And the other thing is that the the some fire departments and search rescue folks are pointing out that the mudslides are not just a function of intensity of rainfall but saturation, and so we've been lucky so far. But there is a third system that's going to be coming in now later later tonight and Monday, and so that just means more rain. So it doesn't mean that we're out of the woods on the mudslides, but stay tuned to KFI, and we will have the latest of all. All of that one really tragic event yesterday on northbound I five almost smokey bear road near pyramid lake a Ventura County search and rescue team that was heading up to Kern county for training was involved themselves in an accident. They the situation was approximately seven thirty in the morning and northbound I five at vista del Lago, which is the exit that you take the over look of pyramid lake. There was a rollover accident and these guys pulled over to render aid because that's what they do. And a few minutes into that another family in a mini van came barreling by five and they lost control of their vehicle, and they smashed into the search and rescue party that was helping the family that had rolled-over. So. So far one team member has been released. From Henry mayo in Newhall to others remain in critical condition. But. The fifty year old search and rescue member. Jeff die of Fillmore was killed and his body was removed actually from the accident scene directly from the accident scene. Here's channel seven's report from the scene yesterday morning at on the grapevine and I five. Members of the Ventura County search and rescue team carefully remove the body of their fellow team member from the scene of the accident. They were traveling to mount Pinal for a training exercise. The weather conditions were horrible at the time heading north on the five freeway. They saw a rollover accident. They pulled over to help during the time that these individuals were red rendering aid to this to this person who had ruled their car a mini van came into the scene with the family on board. They had lost control their vehicle and crashed directly into the scene. The person who died was fifty year old Jeff die of Thousand Oaks search and rescue teams are made up of all volunteers. They're.

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