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And SiriusXM channel lady presented by progressive insurance I'm Anthony Salter alongside former NFL general manager and current ESPN NFL insider Mike Tannenbaum alright let's do the late game web around starting with one victory we've been discussing a lot out in Denver. for whatever sport moves to win. the. twenty four twenty four seven. forty six. you're the right here on ESPN radio I got to do it back in eighty two I used to be able to throw pitch in four months garner Menchu again Mike this kid's got plenty of moxie leads Jacksonville to a small upset victory on the road or two into now two minutes and fifty four seconds to go in the game. yeah actually goes up by six Joe Flacco to his credit leaves the Broncos down they take the lead with a net thirty two twenty four twenty three point eight oh five again is lead to much time for me to magic leaves into the game winning field goal twenty six twenty four Jacksonville wins if you think that was a good up said well they got nothing on Tampa. such projects as well to the white one the last shot the formation of the forty six. under pressure. dot com. there's going to be the right six to go fifty four break points on the west coast. record ninety eight rock in Tampa.

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