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Major leadership changes at the N. Y. P. fifty five degrees mostly sunny I'm thoroughly Kessler now what's trending on seventy seven W. A. B. C. and W. A. B. C. radio dot com James o'neill has resigned to take a job in the private sector after three years as police commissioner mayor to Bossier city is going to miss them and that Neil has helped make New York a safer city out of the fact that crime in New York City today is at the lowest levels it's been since the nineteen fifties chief of detectives German che will become police commissioner that'll be December first the mayor says Shea will continue neighborhood policing targeting gang related violence and taking guns off the streets I take it as a solemn and sacred responsibility and at the same time a privilege president trump's lawyers are planning to appeal a recent ruling that trump must turn over his taxes his tax returns that is to the Manhattan district attorney the taxes are part of a larger criminal pro being overseen by Cyrus Vance the appeal can be made directly to the US Supreme Court the victim beaten in the Bronx elevator Friday night in what police say was a random attack nothing taken is speaking out the door started closing in holding opening game kick me again the sixty seven year old told Eyewitness News a stranger knocked him down inside an elevator at east a hundred eighty seventh street and then kicked him in the face over and over the brutal attack caught on video neighbors are horrified that's very crazy and sad and scared because I'm seventy G. of at least a long police are looking for a man and a black doo rag who took off in a mini van voters head to the polls tomorrow for election day in New York City Jim Monty Williams is trying to get reelected public advocate there are also five ballot questions for city residents one of the mass voters if they want to go to a ranked choice voting system in New Jersey voters will decide on all eighty assembly seats which are controlled by Democrats in Jersey city residents there will decide whether to ban short term leases a ballot question posed by Airbnb markets the Dow up a hundred sixteen points right now the nasdaq of fifty eight in the S. and P. up fourteen point sports former Mets center fielder Carlos Beltran has been named.

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