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Students worried about climate change stepping up pressure on universities to pull investments from fossil fuel industries and they're gaining traction at schools like Georgetown university's board of directors says it will in private investments in coal oil and gas companies within the next decade student government leaders from the Big Ten Conference are also calling for their schools to begin divesting from fossil fuels here's the thing about new cherry vanilla coke though cherries named first all the flavors tastes just as great I mean it could have just as easily been vanilla cherry coke or it could have been coke cherry vanilla and sentenced to amazing flavors of coke it might have been cold vanilla cherry coke or cherry vanilla coke coke unless you're in France which would make it a cocktail of vanilla Dutch anti Democrat New Jersey vanilla coke so good together and your cherry vanilla coke zero sugar same great taste zero sugar America we have a country to say and now here's Larry elder all these years where we've been hearing do you live all media telling us they want trump to surround impact more presidential and they're really upset about it not acting presidential these guys listening my gosh I'm gonna tell you the best thing that could happen for bison on Tuesday we did you cancel have a great day but if if a member of your family came to you know Mr buy for the member of your family came to you and said look I want to go on a commercial airliner to Mexico and back within the next week would you think it's a good idea I would tell members of my family and I have I wouldn't go anywhere in confined places now it's not going to Mexico junior confined aircraft when one person sneezes it goes all the way through the aircraft that's why why would not be at this point if I had another way of transportation suggesting they ride the subway.

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