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And in Bligh Levin and they were they just had these guys that in fearless is all. I can think of but they weren't going to. They just weren't gonNA lose and every one of them almost to a person when it mattered came through and you know I think that's a testament to pay and the rest of the staff no-doubt thought you know. Just one little thing is when he didn't run out onto the field any just let them now. It was just. It's a it's a subtle thing but it was. It was important. I think to all the success that he had going forward from that. Stay tuned for more on those nineteen eighty-seven Minnesota twins this week. We think we're going to have frank viola on because he's going to be watching game seven that. Dan talked about being televised on Fox sports north. Tonight we'll get his reaction on Thursday show all right legends with Lou Nanny. We went inside the hockey world but off the ice and out of the general manager sweet to the broadcast booth. The One and only Mike Doc emrick was our guest this week on legends with Lou Lou. How BEGINNING DOWN BUS PROGRAM NANNY? Well he's properly and legally socially distance we haven't seen studio as Seen Louis in Studio for quite sometime so get him on the phone brought to you by. Nfp INSURANCE THE LEGENDS WITH LOUIS SERIES. As we say hi to Louie Continues with another legend. That's why we call it legend's with Louis on consecutive weeks. It's been bowman say they're Sinden Esposito? And now doc emrick kind enough to join. Us ON THE WEDDING CLINIC. Classic and Cataract Hotline Doc. Welcome back to the show. We much appreciate your time. Say Hi to your Guy Nanny well after those four guys were on the Mount Rushmore Hockey. Selling tickets seat. And then you'd have the vote that all just like you. In this vein. All those guys how are you? We're doing Dr Nice to hear from you. You just as I said so many times. It's a pleasure to talk with you and it certainly pleasure to listen to you. You Know I. I've had the good fortune of working over the years with the best hockey. Broadcasters Danny Alvin Dan Kelly Al Shaver Bob Goal. I never and I was. I was hoping you were going to come and work the state tournament. I I've been on with you but I've never worked with you at the state tournament or and then each game. That's one thing in life that I miss well a lot of times. We were in the same building together. But you're more official capacity that I was you. Were in charge of a team or or something like that. I remember a time when Bill Clement and you and I toured the mets sportscenter and you were talking about your team and you were all also talking about lucky seat. At that time you were a little more superstation than you are. Now and how you maybe. In the middle of sitting in a seat North Stars would score a goal and so you would remain in that position. Oh Yeah not only remaining in the seat. I've had times when I've had to hold onto a desk from the first period right through to third period and my arms were numb by the end of the game. Because I requested for you now when the North Stars would go to you guys ever a stay at the Drake Hotel. Yes we did. We were the first team. I got him to stay the Drake Hotel. We were the first team. Nhl To do that. And that's why they used to treat me so well and I actually had one of our sons bridal grooms dinner at the Drake Hotel. Well here's my question. There are only ten stories in the Drake Hotel. So how did you get a room? Twenty three Drake Hotel Louis. Got Twenty eight the sweet and I put a three on it doc. I will say good if you probably because you're if you're at games you're generally working them. There is nothing like watching a hockey game from the Lou Nanny. Sweet or set a seats that he happens to be at that is a I. Don't at some point you stop watching the game and you start watching Louis reaction to the game. There is nothing like it. He is frenetic he never stops. He never stops talking. A frankly never stops swearing. It's an outstanding ensemble of of auditory. You know enjoyment. I'll bet it is in forty seven years of my being professional hockey. He is the only person I know who was a season ticket holder for eighteen before he played for the team. That's right that's a great point. See I was a season figure it because I was playing with the Olympic team and I don't want to turn pro right then. I bought tickets to the North Stars. First Year and I used to do the post game show scoreboard show for the North Stars on TV. And then I joined them after. The Olympic Games rover that year. I remember when they When when the flyers broadcasting flyers in for a couple of sequences like with the battles tech I couldn't hold his job and so I was coming with the flyers and this was at a time when norm green had the Had the north stars before the name got changed the stars and then eventually moved to Dallas. But they were they were Have auctioning They were having raffles. And our and the players would Would buy raffle tickets because the prizes were so big and so and so we would have to hold the tickets for the players and they would by huge amounts of these of these and sometimes they would win The flyers players never won but there were occasions where visiting players would actually win these things in in the At the met Sportscenter wild history About getting back in the days and they were fun times. And that's part of the reason that I was looking forward to coming on was to just have a few laughs about those times. Do you know that coming up on? Friday is a legendary birthday in Minnesota hockey history. John Message have another birthday on Friday. That's right. Ut just said when I think it was strategy. That's right. Yeah yeah those are always great milestone birthday odd because they should have lots of candles and lots of people saying Happy Birthday. That's for sure. I got a chance to meet John a few years ago. Nbc Got Together Five guys from the nineteen sixty team in squaw valley and we sat around a round table in Squaw valley in the very building. Where all of the all of the teams in nineteen sixty would come to have lunch and it was the it was the commissary for all of the athletes and all of the sports and of all places that's where They had made meet a and I'll never forget. They told me that on the first day that they arrived. They got seventeen one dollar bills. That was their allowance for the entire Olympics. Wow at dollar day dollar a day. Things have changed a little be back after the gold medal while it turned out. They got the gold medals on the on the day that they defeated the checks on that Sunday morning and he had to be back at work at the station on Monday so they got out of that day. I mean there was no basking in glory after they become the gold medal. Winners in nineteen sixty had to be back at the station the next day and it was wonderful to have met those guys into have had time with them. Because I was fourteen years old at the time and I got a rare of hockey on. Us television We were getting. Nhl Games on Saturday afternoons In in nineteen sixty on CBS. And we also got some of that last game against the checks and black and white. Tv Yes and it was pretty snowy. Where I was. Yeah because I why I remember watching him. It was different DOC. Emrick is our guest on legends. With LOUIS DOC. Let me ask you something that. I don't think I asked you last time. We had John if I did. Forgive me because my memory's not very good as a as a Gary Indiana boy which is where I am from originally. I'm reminded that you were born in La Fontaine Indian. Ah where I'm embarrassed to say. I don't know where Lafontaine Indiana is. What the world doesn't care about eighty miles south of you south a little bit us if you were to take a Indianapolis is Dead Center. This thing right so if you were to go halfway. North Michigan border and put a dot right in the middle of that area. That's that's where you'd find it if you ever seen the movie hoosiers. Yes that would be the ERA IN WICHITA NINETEEN FIFTIES. We had a town about the size of of the The one that was portrayed in the movie our population was six hundred and twenty seven in the nineteen fifty cents. We had a gym. That was very much like that. We had a stage at one end where the ban would play and watch the Games and a wall at the other end and the trophy case. Not Too far away and there were thirteen. Celebrities in town with twelve varsity players and the coach and everything revolved around the basketball team. That was our Erin. That's what it was like. And it was rural Indiana and it was wonderful and my life didn't change really much in terms of what I wanted to do for a living until I saw the Fort Wayne. Comets Played Muskegon Zephyr. One night in Fort Wayne Indiana and a guy that I think you've heard of Louis Con Madigan played for Fort Wayne and got in a fight. Two seconds left in sudden death overtime with the player coach for Muskegon named Moose. Lallo and I was hooked on hockey from that moment on that Gone Madigan yet quite reputation quite a career and he ended up with the blues. The enough you finding made the NHL we oldest rookie ever to be NHL thirty eight. He makes I snow here every once in a while. He lives out in Portland Oregon. Well you know you anticipated my question. I I love the way you lay out when hockey got in your blood to that point. Would you classify yourself as a basketball guy who suddenly had an epiphany or or what were you up until that that particular gain that that seemed to change everything for baseball? I still love baseball but I wanted to be a baseball announcer up until the end just because that was what we had a as their only exposure. We didn't really have an exposure to hockey. We couldn't get hockey games on television Except until nineteen sixty that exposure we got from the Olympics and a little bit about Gel but when the comments came to Fort Wayne which was an hour away and I started badgering my parents to take my brother and made it a game and finally when I was fourteen day relented and that. That was the epiphany moment but until that time it was baseball. I still love baseball. I Still Pittsburgh Pirate Fan and I have one of my ambitions and Michael has said whenever I get the town. I'm hoping for a wild playoff series sometime when the saints are playing but my back is said you can walk the pig out to deliver the ball and I'm fire whenever that time comes so I'm looking forward to meeting him because I did meet his father once upon a time and I enjoyed that conversation a lot and I'm sure I would enjoy one with Michael Vick to..

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