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So today's case takes us back to June twenty third of nineteen ninety-three Bill Clinton was president. That's the way love goes by. Janet Jackson was on the Charts and the movie. Jurassic Park was the top at the movie theaters and the setting for today's case. Manassas town northern Virginia which acts as a bedroom community to Washington. Dc resign twenty five miles away from the suburban area and the place is rich in American history. And it was the site of two civil war battles battle bull run by a rower and two and re-enactors often depict those battles near the MANASSAS national battlefield. Park. It's quiet and for the most part. It floats under the radar as far as scandals are concerned but all of that was about to change between two and three. Am On the twenty third of June nineteen ninety-three calls between law enforcement officers started ping pong in between one. Another in the information that was being shared was shocking and confusing. There was a man at Prince George's hospital who's bleeding profusely. What happened? His penis had been cut off. Did it is wife her name. Lorena Bobbitt this is a narrative that many of you know but what many of you won't be familiar with is exactly how this happened. How did Lorena Bobbitt become arena bob it and beyond that? What variables and Seidel implications contributed to the Lorena bobbitt phenomenon? We're all familiar with while to answer that. We need to go back to the beginning. Lorena Gallo was born in Ecuador in nineteen sixty nine before eventually moving to Venezuela where she was raised and it was during her childhood. There that Lorraina fell in love with American culture and this notion of the American dream so she decided she wanted to move to the US. She visited America when she was sixteen and she was given the trip to come visit as a consumer goofed and she just fell in love with life. Here when Lorraina got here. She didn't speak a word of English and she learned by taking. Esl classes in watching soap operas and the price is right on TV whenever she cut. She was here on a student visa and she started taking classes at Northern Virginia community. College between taking classes she worked as a manicurist salon owned by woman named Johnny Basuki in fact Jan owned three salons and she took Lorena under her wing and they became fast friends. It was details told near Quantico that Lorraina was approached by a handsome marine lance corporal named John Wayne Bobbitt. John was from Niagara Falls when growing up. His father was not really in the picture. And there's a few of the sad details about John's childhood was that his father drank and beat his mother which caused a really volatile environment by h three John and his two brothers were taken away from his mother due to drug use and neglect and they were sent to live with an aunt and uncle when John was old enough he enlisted in the Marines which ultimately brought him to Virginia which then brought into this dance hall where he met Lorraine and Lorraine was and still is stunning and exotic when the two met apparently the attraction was undeniable in an interview for the Amazon Documentary Lorraina. She said I thought John was very handsome. Blue is a man in uniform you know. He was almost like a symbol a marine fighting for the country. I believed in this beautiful country. I was swept off my feet. I wanted my American dream so they started dating and things moved quickly in the pair got married nine months later in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Their wedding small and performed by a justice of the peace and rain expected marital bliss to ensue. But that's not exactly what happened. So the domestic abuse started almost immediately and by ninety one John had been discharged from the marines and he found himself without a steady paycheck. And this prompted then twenty two year old. Lorraina to become the breadwinner of the family during this time. Lorraina worked as a nanny Virginia area and she continued to work at the beauty salon owned by her good friend. Janet and in this Amazon Series. Lorena said that one month after she and John remarried the to driving in the car and John started driving radically Lori and ask them to stop pleasing her hands on the steering wheel and trying to straighten out their route and it was in this moment that John allegedly punched her for the first time. And this wouldn't be the last time. More fighting ensued and escalated both called nine one one on each other but the violence continued and being the breadwinner. Lorraina felt immense pressure to provide for them to the point where she actually started embezzling money from the salon where she worked over. Seven thousand dollars and remember Jonah. The store owner who had become so close with the Raina. She realized what was going on. So she actually let Lorraina keep her job at the salon but made her payback the money with interest. You knew she was having these.

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