Wendy, Boy Scouts, President Trump discussed on Mike McConnell


Injuries at the hospital a second victim remains hospitalized meanwhile a man expected to survive after being shot in camp Washington police say that man was wounded yesterday when people started shooting between cars in the area Popple street in Colerain Avenue he ran to a nearby Wendy's for help the description of the suspects vehicle is not been released yet you can help police in either one of these cases call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty the financial strain of lawsuits brought by sexual abuse survivors as push the Boy Scouts of America now into bankruptcy the Boy Scouts filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy after midnight this morning promising that its programs will continue in fact local scouting councils which are autonomous from the BSA national organization have not filed scouting president and chief executive Roger Moseby says the action allows the BSA to set up a fund to quote equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in scouting he's encouraging sexual assault survivors who were involved in Boy Scouts to come forward and file claims Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas it's thirty seven days until Reds opening day and we'll find out the details later this morning about the one hundred and first Findlay market opening day parade that'll kick off at noon on Thursday March twenty six the parade committee holding a press conference at ten thirty we'll have that covered for you the Reds meanwhile there for spring training game is this Saturday against Cleveland Xavier trail for a good portion of the second half came from behind to beat St John's at Madison Square Garden last night seventy seven to seventy four Tyree Jones led the way for the musketeers fifteen points fifteen rebounds chance of rain this morning forecast is up next sponsored by publishers clearing house time's.

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