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It this is not a random health website. This is the scientific journal and they basically took down planned Emmett. Because they're like us. We kind of created this monster we got. GotTa debunk revisionist history. Her nineteen ninety-one doctoral thesis revolutionized the treatment of HIV AIDS. That's what she says and their dislike. No it wasn't impactful at all in Griffin's US revisionist history as you've mentioned before so she makes all these studies before she got ripped down and says like oh. This causes this and this causes that. Cfs Is caused by this. A lot of people especially conspiracy communities will say a study says something when it does not because they know that the other people who are listening are not going to read that study. Yeah that's exactly right. They're not going to follow up. And you can look at Judy Mike. Bits and go okay. Well then let's just really look at what she's saying because like you said she hasn't published and actually from a standpoint of pure compassion. I feel for this woman before. I realized that she's actually harming lives by telling people. Don't wear mass kind of thing and that vaccines are dangerous. Right that's a harm in the world that she's she's GonNa cost live saying because people believe this garbage but going back to her. It's kind of like well. Here's a woman who tried. She put out a paper. I think she did it with good. Intent gets retracted. A stab wound in the heart for a scientist right and her career was derailed. And I think that was maybe and again. I mind reading here which you shouldn't do. But you could imagine from a place of love and look at her and go what ordeal that must have been. She didn't intend it to be. And now she's gone full Batman Villain crazy as plausible an ex mission. It's not now one thing I would say to it relating to that I just made up an alternative path for her conspiracy theories suffer from something that Scott Adams is called a failure of imagination. So you can say Oh Keno. Thoug- is running a conspiracy to make extra money from vaccine patents. And that's the only explanation for why he's pushing vaccine for covid nineteen right now. Well that's a simple failure of magin because there's about a thousand other reasons that found she would be promoting a vaccine but you have not brought those to the table. And that's cardinal sign of conspiracy theory. There's no opposing viewpoint in it they just don't give air to any other alternative explanations and this is a good example of that Mike have. It's also goes in says well. Anthony FAUCI directed this cover up. Everyone's paid off millions of dollars in funding from Tony. Fauci and the National Institute Allergy and Infectious Diseases. All these investigators they committed fraud and they're being paid big time. She says there's no evidence for any fraud. There's no evidence of any payments. There's no evidence of any funding from his institute. No one has been charged with fraud. No one's been charged with anything other than her. Actually so this is just like classic redirection garbage from Jamaica vits. Yeah it's complete nonsense and the stuff is again. It requires a suspension of disbelief. That something government wouldn't leak this that it wouldn't come out in the press that this guy was some sinister figure and it's clear that she's grasping and trying to support her discredited beliefs and again if you apply that critical thinking of the video you see it from the beginning because they start the video with. I was wrongfully convicted or wrongfully imprisoned without charges. So already you know okay. This is just. It's being spun a certain way to try to PR- trae this woman simultaneously as a hero and a victim which is a cardinal characteristic of conspiracy theories so the conspiracy theory hero is both the hero trying to enlighten the world and a victim of a massive cover-up persecution. Whatever and that it's a pattern that you can see time and time again. She later blames foul for millions of HIV DEATHS. Because he's supposedly like as patents in his profiting from this and it's like look you're blaming the head of CDC for taking credit for something that you say you discovered. She says that she discovered this at age. Twenty five when she was a lab tech and not a researcher so going back to your point about revisionist history. She's a lab tech. She's literally like washing pipette and moving stuff around and do it. You probably documenting things for sure as a labs. But she's not a researcher per se. She did not discover a damn thing. Yeah I think that's accurate to say. And whatever she did she did do has been overblown ahead did not have a big impact on. Hiv research took US chief costing millions of lives for HIV is pretty crazy enough out. She was always kinda early on pushing for HIV vaccine which never came to fruition but everybody was trying it in those days and it was tough. And you know it's really. There's so much stuff that she says in that video for example. There's never been a vaccine. Against a retrovirus. That's worked okay. What about measles MOMS polio? It's like you could go through a list of so. This is easy stuff right. What else did she say she said? Italians are dying. Because they have hyper inflammatory states. They're older and they were vaccinated with a four component dog based influenza vaccine. All right yes. They were vaccinated with quadrivalent meaning their four different targets that the vaccine targets for flu and actually we have that in the US to. It's a better flu vaccine because it targets more potential flu strains and yes. It was grown in a clone of dog cells right. And that's a another mechanism of actually producing the virus that causes influenza. And then the next up in that is to attenuate the virus. What that means is you make inactive. So it's not attenuated. Sorry with flu. I've misspoke it's inactivating the virus so you actually take these virus particles you kill them so they don't caused disease. That's why when people say. I got the flu from the flu shot. They're just making stuff up. They either had bad luck. They got flu despite the vaccination or they had a cold or something nearby their flu shots and it takes two weeks for flu. Shot typically to kick in so yes. It was grown in dog cells and she sang dogs have a ton of corona virus. Therefore getting this shot infected these people with corona virus. And now they're getting sick okay. This is crazy on several levels. One is by inactivating virus. You kill every virus in in the population there. These are dead viruses so even if there were dog corona viruses which this is a cell culture not living dog. That you're growing it in you would kill those viruses so they wouldn't have any any power to infect you and it's just absolutely crazy because in the same video she says no actually. This corona virus was released from Wuhan Labs Right the internal inconsistencies. A scientific inconsistencies all can easily be debunked. You're listening to the Jordan Harbinger show. We'll be right back after this. This episode is sponsored. In part by MANSCAPING. I love about this copy. Jason is it says. Have the host talk about a time where he cut his balls manscaping. But I've never done that because I use landscaped and the manscaping longmore three point now it doesn't cut you that's the whole point Nikki. Junk is a thing of the past. This is the third generation trimmer by the way. It's the lawnmower three point. 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