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Scream on the show. Just email US ask Ken Coleman Dot Com put in their dream scream and madison the associate producer will get with you and we'd love to have you on the show and <hes> I should also say that you need email the show if you'd like to come see the show live here in our new palatial headquarters just email the show I guess asking cone dot Com or another process. I have no idea so you can just come this. The the headquarters August fifteenth is when we're going to open up and I'm live at twelve central for an hour and then Dave Ramsey goes live right next door to me. I've got the <hes> I got the executive suite. They've got the penalty gorgeous studios unbelievable and so we'd love to see I will come out during the brakes and say hi sign a book for you or just give you high five so looking forward to that engagement come on. You're always welcome. I should I should tell you that you will have an opportunity to get some amazing free. Hot drinks cold drinks baked goods with all kinds of calories in them that is our are treat to you as well so come on. Let's go to Jose. WHO's on the line in Houston Texas Jose? You're on the Ken Coleman Show Hey good afternoon Mr Coleman <hes> thank you for taking my call and all that you do for us well. I'm happy to how can help today well. I just started a new job as a registered nurse. I was a paramedic just like the gentleman before me okay. My angle is to become US urinate which is certified registered nurse Unnecess- and now that I'm in the right place I want to I wanNA get some advice as to to. How can I approach the right people that could help shape me into the candidate that need to be for anesthesia school? Yes I love this question. This is a super specific answer..

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