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They were going to go to work finish their day to return to their families they didn't tragically they never well many of the employees who survived a mass shooting were not reunited with their families until very late last night more than a thousand employees work at the brewery officials at Molson course say the government was an active employee police had earlier said that he had been fired earlier in the day before returning with the stolen employee name tag fifty one year old shooter apparently used a handgun with a silencer an investigation is underway after a freight train carrying crude oil derailed any Chicago police say the CSX train derailed yesterday the forty six hundred block of Euclid Avenue about eighteen tanker cars containing crude oil came off the tracks hazmat crews had to be called to the scene but no injuries were reported and none of the tankers with the oil spilled thirties are trying to determine what caused the derailment the Chicago police department says its new gang database will be more fair and useful than the previous version here's WGN's Pam Jones the database is called the criminal enterprise information system the Chicago Tribune reports the new system has stricter criteria for entering someone's name in the database as a gang member supervisors and police district intelligence officers will check all submissions the old system was criticized as inaccurate and racially biased Pam Jones WGN news a coronavirus patient in California seems to be the first U. S. case of community spread with no apparent link to anyone who traveled to China the director general of the World Health Organization says the outbreak years had a decisive point with new cases outside of China exceeding the number of new cases within China we are actually in a very delicate situation where the output it can go in any direction based on how we handle the number of confirmed cases of corona virus has surpassed AT two thousand worldwide forty seven countries are not reporting cases of corona virus on every continent except Antarctica mere Lightfoot is reassuring the public that the city of Chicago is prepared for the threat of coronavirus the mayor says city east eight and county public health agencies have a planned coordinated and frequently tested response in the event that the virus reappears in Chicago so far there's only been two cases of coronavirus here life it says she's very disappointed with comments by the CDC which said people should prepare for the spread of the virus in the United States even though it is at least right now contained now let's get an update on WGN sports here's Dave Benett lack hawks continue their four game road trip tonight there Tampa Bay hawks have suffered one goal losses on this trip to Dallas and St Louis so far our Xfinity X. five Blackhawks support they remain eight points out of a playoff spot will have tonight's game at five thirty a W. G. the bulls are off there at New York on Saturday college basketball northwestern hosts Illinois tonight the a lot I have won their last two the Wildcats have dropped eleven straight we'll have it at six forty five on WGN radio dot com and on a M. one thousand nine Frank Maryland maintained its grip on the big ten leader the seventy four seventy three comeback win at Minnesota last night while sixteenth ranked Penn state kept pace with a one point win over raptors Javier Baez hit his first home run of the cactus league the cubs eight nothing whatever Kansas city while the Royals other split squad overcame a four nothing deficit beat the socks seven six following at a mangles three run Homer helping to stake the white Sox to that lead the golf first round play is underway at the Honda classic in Florida Dave Benett WGN sports your money on WGN stocks are sharply lower now on Wall Street extending a weeklong route and bringing the nasdaq S. and P. and also the Dow into correction territory the Dow is ten percent below now its record high hit two weeks ago investors continue to dump stocks and shovel money into all Chris safe assets like bonds as they fear the spread of corona virus and the impact negative impact that will have on the global economy this morning the Dow is down now nine hundred and fifty points at twenty six thousand six that's three and a half percent the S. and P. is down one hundred eight points the nasdaq is down three hundred and fifty eight points that is four percent of the ten year treasury yield setting a record low for the third straight day dusters have been not putting money into bonds out of the stock market the yield on the death of ten year treasury has dropped five basis points this morning now to one point two five percent the national association of realtors reporting a big spike in pending home sales the group says there was a five point two percent increase last month the expectation was that the number would go up by just two percent pending home sales in the south and here in the Midwest rose the most while a slight increase was seen in the northeast the same can't be said for the west as the number there fell one point one percent and I'm Steve percentage on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN.

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