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Probably not in twenty four hours, but the next Sunday you can just, you can send that play to every player on the team to their ipads within ten minutes. And I don't think you can really overstate how much technology is changing the game in that regard. I mean, you can. I hear stories coordinators all the time. They'll see a play in high school game. They'll send it through a quarterback who's on vacation because he's got his ipad and it's downloaded, hey, take this concept, you hear all the time. And so I, you know, the RPO stuff is opened up an entirely new window. I think that there's going to be, you know, there's obviously certain differences. The blocking schemes can't be the same as college. But I think at the pro level, we're going to see a lot more innovation because coaches are a little more. I would use the word. Shameless about saying what? Hey, good idea. In high school. There's a good idea Appalachian state. We're just gonna take it and that didn't exist. One of the legacies I think of the wildcat from two thousand eight. I'm working on a story about that. Is. It was one of the first times teams looked to college and said, you know what it works. We're just gonna take it. And I think too many people just above ten fifteen years ago where they weren't using those types of place. That's a great great point. I'm gonna finish by asking you this very open ended. Bizarre question. I'm really, really, really concerned about the future of journalism. Okay. Not just because the things like the daily news, new York, Daily News, cutting sports staff from thirty four to nine or anything. But time after time year after year, journalism is not making money in enough places to grow into flourish. So what's your level of concern about real reporting even in our own little toy department world? What's your level of concern long-term about the reporting in all aspects of life? Not just sports but news. I totally agree. I mean, I'm very concerned about it, especially at the local level because it seems like all the money is funneling into a couple of different national outlets, and that's all well and good, and and it's it's good to have those sort of top investigative reporters being funded to cover national politics. But you worry about city council meetings. Any worry about state legislatures, which are the first cuts to go when you're looking at metro departments, and that's what that's what worries me is what is going to happen when there are no local reporters to police certain cities in certain municipalities, that's that's where I think the biggest concern is I think you're always going to have enough White House reporters. I think you're always gonna have enough people covering the Senate and from the big national thing because you know the New York Times, Washington Post doing fine. And some of the other outlets are doing fine as Well. I, I worry about at the local level paper. I'm from Orlando, the Orlando Sentinel. Are they going to be as are they going to be the BULLDOGS? They were ten fifteen years ago with some of the some of the shadiness. It always happens in Florida that that's the biggest concern for me. Kevin Clarke has been really fun talking to you so far. I've seen you now in buffalo. I've seen Cleveland probably in three or four other places will see me an indie. Good. I hope so I hope so. We'll will stare at Andrew lucked together, like like, like, we can't get enough of that. The line is Josh Allen watching Josh Allen right now. So if he's better worse than Josh Allen, we'll be able to figure out the twenty actually. Actually watching Nathan Peterman boy. What was interesting in we'll just finish on this but interesting talking to Brandon Beane that we came from Cleveland yesterday and you know they're gonna play. Tyrod Taylor at least early. Okay. Now, Brandon Beane basically said, may the best man win. You know, I mean, we're going to make a judgment. We're trying to win for two thousand two thousand eighteen. We're not necessarily looking at two thousand nineteen. Everybody just looks at it a different way. I don't know if you ran into Tim couches today, but he was really, really interesting in talking about how God patience, patience, don't rush these guys into it..

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