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Oh, absolutely. I mean, everybody, you know, I mean, yeah, I mean, I was watching in 1923 the other night and Harrison Ford gave this model. It was just incredible. You know, and he did it in such a way, you know, that was just perfect, right? But Taylor gave him the words to do that. But it's like, who doesn't want to be a part of that? And I think also like what I was saying before, a lot of the film actors and TV guys that I've been talking to on our set that have been there for a long time. There's just a comfort in knowing that if Taylor says that it's good. And it's going to be good, right? When he says, okay, we're moving on. You're not like, oh, shit, did I get it right? Or whatever, you know, you're like, yes, perfect. Yeah, he's happy. You're happy. Yeah. Yeah, I get it. I get it. What part of Robert do you share as far as the character to you in real life? Do you share any common qualities? All right, I think we kind of look similar and that's sort of I set myself up for that one. Yeah, you guys are right. It's strange how much you guys look alike. I knew people growing up in my life that were close to me that were a lot like Robert and without the violence. The way that I see Robert is that he is sort of like a very talented person who lives in his zone of genius, you know? He's always, he lives in this place where he's able to flow with immediate action. And. So I don't know, yeah, so I started to emulate that. He doesn't make a wrong decision from this point of view. He's just like, that is what we do now. And the casting is perfect. You're a perfect in what you're doing. And the fact that Diane wiest is doing this, I mean, she's a two time academy. I knew she won one. I didn't know she won too. This is insane that all these top actors are all the way, like she won two Academy Awards. Do you know how enormous that? I mean, you know how it is, but those listening, you know? I mean, that's incredible. She's an incredible background. Oh, yeah. I mean, it's amazing, man. I mean, it's just such a, I just feel so grateful. I feel so blessed, you know, just to be, this was the ambition. You know, like always to be part of a top tier creative project like this one, you know? And when I get there from everybody who's working on it in a holistic sense, you know, in front and behind the camera and all that stuff, it's just top tier all around. And it's just an amazing thing to be a part of. And when I get to watch, when I watch the episodes, I'm like, oh my God, it just looks so fantastic, you know? Yeah. Yeah, a couple more questions, man. Thank you so much for all this time. I really appreciate it. Let me ask you this. Do you think does Robert break the law enforcement enforcing the law you think? I mean, I think that Robert, it sort of depends on what law you're talking about, you know? Yeah.

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