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How i fell in love with french. Hip hop moving to paris in nineteen ninety. Two as a black american kid was totally disorienting. It's underground rap. Scene became my map to the city and the soundtrack to my formative years. By jesse mccarthy bread by germyh catherine and produced by esther opoku jenny in nineteen eighty eight known in france took the hip hop movement. Seriously it was the rec room era. Joey starin- cool. Were just two kids from sense onto knee. The ninety third war neglected track of housing projects on the northern outskirts of paris. One black the other white. They shared a love and talent for break dancing and got together practicing moves and bleak lots and house parties. They started crews and listen to dougie fresh masta ace grass flash and molly ma. Dj's plate the break beats looped over jazzy horn riffs cat sport a kangol hats and cosby sweaters and they tag the walls of the city with their calling card n. t. m. an acronym for nick. Tom air fuck your mother. There were no labels no official concert or shows and the only airplay was after midnight. On how do you nova a station. Dedicated to underground and avant garde music created and directed by french cultural hero. Jean-francois bazil. I was at a house party in spacious bourgeois apartment. Somewhere in the sixteenth mon-. When i first heard cut killers track leeann better known by its infamous refrain nikopolidis. Fuck the police. I hadn't yet seen the film. Latin which made the song famous and remains arguably the most important french film of the nineties. I was at a boom slang for a teenage house party and a tradition of parisian coming of age that involves a great deal of slow dancing and emotional espionage sophie. Marceau immortalized it. As a mesmerizing zhou in the greatest french teen romance ever produced laboon. But i wasn't dancing with sophie also. I was dancing with colleen. A young dude interrupted as a base and popped in a cassette. He brought his jacket pocket. The party came to a jarring halt as everyone looked at everyone else trying to figure out what to do. The shock of hearing someone actually say fuck.

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