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Obviously i can get by with welsh but i'm not. I'm not really by any chance. My daughter would love me to do more. She's always wanted me about blur anymore. Welsh when i've got time. Does you speak welsh. Were the first language. I mean she. She works in welsh medium as well with the council so yes oh she does. She's she's fluent in both languages and she can write read and speak it fluently. So it's a great skill. If you live in a welsh community really is real sort of force multiplier for an individual can speak. Well definitely any second line which is yeah testing. Which might latino. Chinese course in the moment school all these and i and i have you ever seen the way. They do maths trouble with normal arithmetic on chinese math way. They write down. Three plus four equals flipping savon for example. They they have they have a box is if we talk explain what what. Why would you do that bonkers crazy now. Honestly any i'm like you say the old adage measure twice cut once on the measure six times. Check it and you calculate this just because if you if you go into that yes you can't afford to get wrong. It's not so much for the noise with wooden stuff. You know our measure halfway across something off like a half of of ready run off the scales mean there's nobody is it's just ahead is up my ass. Sometimes on my god that was when was costly because he's seven equipped pizza would check check and double check every single time in a very rarely made mistakes now but if older the speech impo my shoulder former rush spent. It's gonna be. There's gonna be trouble of coughing on the or a couple of times know. Yeah just be careful. Because if i'm going to be a russian it's very easy to get complacent with machines that can do serious harm so finger in the grinder a couple times been pulled in you know round aweil and whatnot yes..

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