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So i don't think it's too crazy to say here that both these teams coming into this game are equipped to be very very good defensively. And there's a strong possibility this ends up being a low scoring slugfest type game just based on some of the stuff that we've talked about here and if we're evaluating this this broncos defense it has to start with talking about their edge rushers as well as their defensive line and the obvious ones that will be talked about throughout the entirety of this game is von miller in bradley chubb. Both highly drafted players both highly talented players and have been when healthy very very disruptive when they're both on the field and so the giants gets face these guys week one when they're both available and ready to play. It is going to be a tough task for. What's supposed to be nate. Solder and andrew thomas for blocking both of these guys yet chubb is actually dealing with a i think a slight ankle tweak right now need in practice on wednesday that could just be the broncos managing his rep. So it's there's something to pay attention to men. How dangerous is a chris. Von miller and bradley job against matt pair needs solar and andrew. Thomas i mean. That's something that i'm i'm pretty concerned but not to mention the return of mike purcell. Who's one of their better nose. Tackles who can really anchor down the front defense. That is run a lot by vic fangio so this defense against his offense of lines due to the front against offensive line is something that ab i. I have some some some concerns about shirt. I think we have to start with those two edge rushers the last time those two guys were healthy together. Twenty nineteen they. Had i think twenty six and a half sacks between them up chubb has been getting better he had both at seven and a half sacks just all on his own last year without a whole lot of help from elsewhere in the defense von miller was missed the season with a dislocated tendon which ouch and they had completely different secondary that something will get to a little bit and not a whole hell of a lot of help from the offense so if those guys are healthy end clicking end we did get to see them in preseason von miller. He looked like he might have been a little bit rusty but a that dude has been so good for so long. I don't think you can plan on him being any less than his best but then they also have a shelby harassed sean williams dream on jones in their front seven yet. They've got a lot of guys who are really good at penetrating in creating disruption in the backfield and yet that has to be something the giants account for like. They're just not as about it scary too. I mean it's it's definitely that you think about this denver broncos front you think about bradley chubby think about bonn miller then you think about the struggles that you saw in a note was priests anything about the struggles that we saw from andrew thomas in the preseason it's that's definitely probably the main concern. I would say faida circle one liability at the giants have right now. Is the offensive line just in general. I mean you. Add billy price ben. Bredesen's possibly help the interior. They could realistically see snaps. Two and a half weeks removed from joining this swat. Just because we saw chamomile partially porn teller pendant. I mean how much is this guy going to be able to play on that. And i'm wondering how much just I i think the giants gonna come out and attempt to establish the broad. They're gonna attempt to push around this. This front and not allow von miller bradley chubb to pin the rears back rush on guys like you know a andrew thomas but in the situations where they are where third long and they're not able to get the run going giants are going to have to probably keep tight ending are running back into chip to help block to slow down those pass rushers Her might see a game plan. Similar to what we saw jason garrett run against the washington football team twice last year where it was a run heavy approach and not a lot of deep drops. Really just a lot of quick game. Just give the football out of your hands. To mitigate the effect of chase young montas sweat and he did a pretty good job doing it. So let's hope that. If jason garrett replicates we could slow von miller in bradley down i think just to to try to predict what vic fangio it's going to do and that is you know that might be a little bit of a fool's aaron because he is definitely one of the best defensive minds in the nfl. Yeah i think he's going to almost try to invite the run. Yeah he uses a lot of like almost five one type alignment in his new defensive fronts. Walking will linebacker. Down to the line of scrimmage but he even though they didn't they still kind of gave up a lot of yards on the ground last year when their defense is healthy. They've got the guys up front. Where even though it looks like. You're getting a light box. You really aren't. They're good at building that wall. Along the line of scrimmage. And you talk about shane. Lemieux with the partially torn patellar tendon. How much is paying going to affect him yet. You can be a tough guy but if your body doesn't wanna work right it's tough to will it. So this really is. I think the matchup debt could define the whole game and another thing to add in here too as well with this. This broncos defense another aspect that is just so strong is their secondary and we spent the offseason talking about how the giants rebuilt their receiver group. They made all these moves to signed kennedy golladay to bring in various tony. You've also got john ross. They signed in free agency. This is a completely new look group from what we saw last year. And we have high expectations but the broncos conversely they did the same thing with their secondary they made some moves to to rebuild that group and they have a pretty talented underrated secondary that they're going to be trotting out there on the field drafted patrick's retain top ten. They also they have. Is it key positions with kyle fuller and Ronald darby as well as justin simmons cadence turns we know is a very good athlete. Not necessarily the the best safety who plays on when he put brings it all to the field but a good athlete general so this is a very very strong secondary that the giants receivers are going to be facing off against. Yes the secondary with. Patrick 'certain on. I'm wondering how they're going to utilize 'certain just because i've heard rumblings that they're probably going to use 'certain in a role similar to To cover guys. Like travis kelsey end darren waller. The giants aren't gonna have ingram Allocate 'certain in that manner. Even if evan ingram was one hundred percent healthy so we may be looking at some 'certain covering kenny golladay. Who's coming off an injury looking pretty good from all the stuff that we're seeing in practice but other than 'certain is going to be as i you know action you have kyle fuller. You have ronald darby like you said. I mean kareem jackson. Justin jefferson or justin simmons. That is a really really solid back. End safety in the bryce callahan. Who a lot of people were talking about last year as an excellent slot. Type of cornerback. Who can probably cover sterling shepherding. That could be another match up to watch just from the top down. This defense is is very solid. The giants offense has question marks. And that's probably why we we want to discuss the concern that we have. Especially if they can't block von miller and bradley job. So i'm interested to see how jason garrett is going to use players like cadavers. Tony and how is he going to operate. Just the receivers in general but the snap counts. I'm wondering how much could area's. Tony is going to play how much they on barclays gonna play..

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