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Don Rickles, James Gandolfini, Mr Wonderful discussed on The Skinny Confidential Him And Her Podcast


This is the cookie for you. You can have one. Give him one. It'll shut him up all right. Let's get back into the show. Okay moving on. Who is your dream? Podcast guest is my dream podcast. Don't say something. Like OPRAH SAYS STREAM. Gus We got it. What else yes. Here's Larry David to be on your show. I was such a good one a good one. Oh that's I think that's the best one ever. I don't think you're GONNA get better than that to be living or dead. Yeah whatever you want James Gandolfini soprano hundred percent. I would sit on his knee. I of James Gandolfini. I'm sorry but there's something about him. That is so hot James Gandolfini like I think that would've been amazing. Yeah he would have loved to sat and picked his brain for two hours on musk. That'd be a really good one elon. Musk is like to like oprah category. We know God i WanNa go like. I want to go somewhere like someone who doesn't do podcasts. You Know Yeah Okay Hill Lot of people probably would even know who this answer is but I think it would have been amazing to interview Don rickles before he died. Mr Wonderful you're warm warmth right. No it was Mr wonderful it. Didn't they just make a movie about him? Warp Mr Ward wonderful. Don rickles is fucking hilarious. Him Don rickles is a really good. I would seem to have interviewed Josh Gabor. Of course there's a lot of good ones. What were you going to say? He seems really what I was GONNA say. You seem pretty invested. Not even to know the name of the show. He's your number one don rickles. He's like I don't know 'cause I couldn't remember. If he was warmth wonderful I like he was warman wonderful. I liked him but he would've been good. I think you'd have. I just wanted him to want him to come on here. Just make fun of us. That'd be Leery David's pretty up there. Yeah I killed it with that one or even like someone like no. I know who I would want. I would want to interview someone. Genghis Khan right and be like Yo man like. How'd you build the biggest land empire of all time like did you? Why did you? What did you knock down China's wall like why'd you climb over that and Zach although cities or Napoleon?.

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