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Mulligan is the one that passed away yeah well if you have to pick him up oregon for an interview by all chances are okay tyrone just the desert carry here that that would be a great part of thank you tyrone bye bye thank you lord of nato's tyrone jerry in were you will be next backed i don't i have enough time to do your called justice because in about forty five seconds or so we'll be cbs news so you be patient you are on deck mel simon's is sitting in for steve perkins who supposed beyond the promote his wrestling wrestling slash signing autographs aiming which is going to be on august fourth and you said it's what mccoy stadium mccoy stadium in pawtucket yeah all right well tell you work maybe steve will call him but it's already is a halfhour late you wish yeah so i might have to put a step over toehold dumber wealth federal buddy go yeah so you're gonna fill in for the rest of the hour sure hefty took but right now i'm about to take my cbs news break your wbz yes news update congress is poised to pass a sweeping russia sanctions package cbs's bill rehkopf the senate passed the bill that limits the ability of the white house to lift sanctions on russia ninety eight two two last month that legislation got bogged down in the house a deal was reached after weeks of work by majority leader kevin mccarthy and minority whip steny hoyer of old is scheduled for tuesday it's not clear if the president will sign it attorney general jeff sessions is also under the microscope again after russian ambassador sergei kislyak said he discussed the election in meetings with sessions during the campaign according to us intercepts foreign affairs analyst pam falk ultimately kislyak became the centerpiece of the failure of the russia reset with the kremlin hoped to the warmer relations in turned out to be chillier than when he arrived cbs news update i'm steve dorsey it may be hard to believe but people just like you.

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