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A. Y N e. It's Ryan. Pain by pain. No pain, no gain. Financial radio five and I wanna make sure you're getting the best most practical advice for your planning and investing. And that's why we put together our latest guy. We give you five ways to save on taxes and 2020. There's still time to do it using the same strategies. We use it are firm paying capital management. You can download it for free, simply texture. Email address to 84475 to 6692. That's 84475 to 6692. We give you five ways to save on taxes. You can download it for free money saved on taxes is just a screen is any money can make invested. You can apply to your portfolio before the end of the year. Simply texture. Email address 284475 to 6692 and you can check out our new podcast pain points of wealth, which also includes my brother, Chris Payne. Three pains in a pod. We're going to death on a lot of the topics we talked about right here on the radio show, you can check it out. Simply go to be bullish dot com. That's b bush dot com. You can check out our new podcast pain points of wealth, and you can catch myself other advisers of pain Capital management on all the major networks every single week from Fox Business News. CNBC, Yahoo Finance giving you our latest views on the economy and the market, and if you ever have a question for myself for Bob, we answer all your questions directly. Simply email US questions that be bullish dot com That's questions at b. Bush dot com. Robin..

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