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Out of the looks very slow yeah of the inbound George Washington bridge that's going to be slow around thirty minutes they're heavy delays on the north and west side highway in the nineties from that crash of the north at home ever drive slow to George now the forecast in the W. CBS weather center partly sunny and warm the Santa Anna funder Starbird some beer is particularly north the city high around eighty six degrees clear to partly cloudy tonight lows seventy one partly sunny quite warm and more humid tomorrow hi Edie died on him but on Monday partly sunny I have ninety one feeling even hotter with the humidity again on here but on Tuesday a mix of sun and clouds alive ninety one skies are starting to cloud up here in lower Manhattan including them some darker clouds across the river here we're at eighty three degrees eighty seven in Yonkers eighty two in Norwalk and seventy nine in bell more W. CBS news time two thirty more than just a headline this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty a father is charged with manslaughter after he leaves his one year old twins to die strapped in a hot car while he goes to work in the Bronx nightclub balcony collapses in South Korea killing two people and injuring more than a dozen others including four members of the U. S. national water polo teams Italian authorities jail to American teams over the stabbing death of a policeman in Rome Yankees play the red Sox at Fenway at four ten Mets host Pittsburgh our game night broadcast begins at six PM right here on W. C. B. S. we got those cloudy skies in eighty three degrees on this Saturday July twenty seventh good afternoon I'm John Metaxas EE CBS news time two thirty one a father is being charged in the deaths of his one year old twins he apparently forgot they were in his car and left them strapped in the hot sun all day while he went to work in the Bronx city councilman Fernando Cabrera tell CBS to passers by were not able to easily see.

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