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Right, best move. Kevin Owens. Kevin Owens. 17 points to sweep it. Then A.J. Styles Randy Orton and ricochet tied for third. And then Xavier Woods and nobody tied for 5th. Last year's winner, nobody. At least we're starting to pick people more now. Yes. We really should pick something. And then 2019 was Kevin Owens. Yeah, all right. I get not picking best comment because if they don't make you laugh, it's hard to say that was the best. Right. But you can always say anything interesting. We can pick the best move of the week. I think we can give 2020 an excuse because it was for sure. It was the ThunderDome. Worst moment. Who is in worst moment the most? Nia Jax. Gotta be like 24/7, so I'm gonna say Ron killings. Our truth was second. But you gotta think of the real 24/7 champion of 2021. Who is the champ the most Reggie? Oh, he was. Yeah. Wow. Was he really? Yeah. At least for a, I think so. So you want it? He wanted 31 points for sweet bits. Then our truth then Akira tozawa 'cause again, when we would just pick 24/7 for worst moment, like usually they're all in it. Yeah, you got a good point. Right. And then fourth place Goldberg, and then Alexa Bliss, Shayna Baszler and Vince McMahon tied at 5th place. Wow. Last year's winners were the street profits because of all those stupid segments that they did. And then 2019 was Lana. Huh. All right, best moments. I'm gonna say I'm gonna say Kevin Owens. I'm gonna say, because people that kept appearing and like, I would say Roman Reigns. Kevin Owens got fourth, Roman Reigns, third. Edge second. Number one, nothing. Oh God. I mean, if we guess nothing should have guessed with 27 points too sweet bits, yeah, me and Joe put nothing 9 times Eric 7 times. Yeah. So I'm actually doing work here. And then finally, last year's winner was Bray Wyatt in 20 19s winner. It was Bray Wyatt. And now he's gone. So we have nobody for best moments. Hashtag rest in peace. That makes sense. I'm glad we paid that tribute to him. Yeah. Exactly. But thank you again, Kyle foxton. I always get a kick out of this. It's a lot of fun. And we're going to be doing we're going to be doing the same thing on the AW recap. Okay. Because he has those results as well. Yeah. But all right, let's do the fan voting. Voted by you, the fans on Patreon dot com. You gotta be on Patreon to vote. All right, don't look again. All right, so first up we have worst dress and the nominees are. And I only there were a lot of votes. So I said the fans picked more stress of the year. Yes. Okay. And I just straight up asked them. You could submit whoever you want. I'm only gonna name like the top four to 6. Four to 6? Yeah, like nominees. I'm saying, like, because some people probably get some people. Some people submit, you know, like a lot of names and people chose differently. But the nominees are carrying cross, Seth Rollins, happy Corbin, and Nia Jax. I'll say Seth. I'll stay here in cross. And the winner is. Let me open the envelope. Carrying cross in the gimp mask. Suck it, Joe. Suck it Trebek. An overwhelming decision there. Yeah. Then we got best dressed, the nominees are zelina Vega, live Morgan, Sasha Banks and carmela. I'm gonna say Sasha. I'm gonna say live to be different. Winning by one point Sasha Banks. Over live Morgan. Oh for two or two for out. Two for O two. Two for two? What else you got Andrew? Josh is here. Where's acting? The nominees are Natalia. Vince McMahon, Eva Marie, happy Corbin and madcap moss. And riddle. They come as a package. They come as a, I'm going to say Vince on this one. Yeah, I was, I was leaning Vince. I'm gonna say Eva Marie. The winner Vince McMahon. Right. Hold on, he's got he's got he's gonna make a speech. Vince? I love you. Yeah, all right, thanks. Yeah, anything else. That's tremendous. Yeah, okay, good for you, buddy. You won the worst acting award. You idiot. All right. Best acting. The nominees are edge. Roman Reigns? Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman. Kevin Owens. All right. Yeah, I mean, I agree. The winner is, Kevin Owens. Pauline was close. Paul Newman was close. Worse comments. We have any madcap moss joke. It's got a few votes. No. We got T bar yelling birds, burnt. Vince McMahon saying, I like firing people before the holidays. We got Goldberg saying you're next and you're dead. And then we have we have Nia Jax. I'm gonna say Nia Jax. Yeah. Just 'cause this is something he gave it away on that one. The winner is. Yeah. The winner is her whole. All right, best comments. The nominees are. We have Baron Corbin screaming. People put this. I don't know if it doesn't tell her any count, but we have Paul Heyman saying I'm protecting you from Brock Lesnar. We have John Cena, you don't want to fight me because of how I make you look. Talking to Roman Reigns. We have edge saying you're just edge light kid. And then anything pat McAfee, people put that. And then finally, we have Nia Jax. That's awesome. Nominated. Who let Josh vote? Yeah. So the winner is anything bad McAfee. Thanks for letting us guess. Well, you didn't get it. I was going to guess. I gave you say something. Yes, speak up. I gave you a second. A microphone in your face hole. What? All right, worst match, the nominees are. Alexa versus Randy Orton at Fastlane. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you don't remember that, do you? No. Eva Marie versus dewdrop. Randy Orton versus The Fiend at WrestleMania. Miss versus Damian priest in a zombie lumberjack match. Nia Jax versus Charlotte. They're like shoot fight thing. And then Becky versus Bianca Belair at SummerSlam. Oh. Any guess. I'm gonna say the zombie match. I'm gonna say Wharton Bray Wyatt. The winner is the zombie mad. God, that was so bad. Yeah. So, so bad. Super slo-mo match, the nominees are the zombie match again. Okay. Nia Jax versus starlet again. All right. Goldberg versus Lashley at SummerSlam. I'll take that. Or any omas match. Oh. I'm gonna say Lesnar Goldberg. All right, I'm gonna go you mean Lashley Goldberg. Yeah. Last look over. I'm gonna go zombie match. Double down. Goldberg versus Lashley is the winner. Okay. Yeah. Best match. The nominees are. Rey Mysterio versus Finn Balor versus Kevin Owens versus Seth Rollins ladder match on raw that we were there for. Yeah, yeah. Then we got Roman Reigns versus Daniel Bryan versus edge at WrestleMania. We got Seth Rollins versus edge, Hell in a Cell match at crown jewel. Oh. Bianca Belair versus Sasha Banks at WrestleMania. Then we got Seth versus edge again, but this was on SmackDown, the Madison Square Garden. That was good. And then we got Roman Reigns versus John Cena at SummerSlam. I'm gonna go edge and Seth Hell in.

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