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Thank you mister vice president and i love the vice good man good man before we get to this komi stuff i want to remind you of a few things those of you who are younger may not know this those of you who are my age sixty or so just some recollection remember the iran contra case remember what that was about yes mark we transferred weapons and not only that we help the freedom fighters in nicaragua in violation of the bowling amendment do you know the bowling amendment was unconstitutional was an effort by congress to control foreign policy and the president of the united states didn't acknowledge it so there was no underlying cry and even the transfer of weapons to iran it's not a violation of any crime either get it engulfed the reagan administration for time they went after secretary state schultz they went after secretary of defense weinberger they went after attorney general edwin meese they went after the former cia director who passed away casey and of course they wanted to present the united states i'd investigation ladies and gentlemen went on for about eight years lawrence walsh another republican but he hated reagan he'd been deputy attorney general under david eisenhower for a period of time any brought in all kinds of hitmen including this guy jeffrey toobin who's now on cnn but tube and couldn't cut it and he was there a little while then he quit then he wrote a book to make money and walsh one after tube and stop tubing's book kinda sleazy stuff gone landmark legal foundation represented attorney general ed meese i was the lead lawyer representing him i was fighting it out with the independent counsel and much litigation occurred under the statute in secret threatened at three panel socalled division the court which had two circuit judges in one district court judge on it all appointed by the chief justice in the united states and much of this litigation went on a courtroom in washington dc which nobody knew about and we were filing motions back and forth and the viciousness of the socalled independent prosecutors and tried to destroy men who had done nothing except serve their country is what taught me a lesson about people like muller and the people he's hired it got so bad that.

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